Friday, February 28, 2014

You Don't Need a Gym......A Fast, Effective Work-Out

This past year I really changed my work-out routine and it's really for the better.  I mean, who doesn't want a work-out that takes about half the time of going to the gym, gets better results and doesn't require paying for a gym membership.  I'll tell you my secret, it's Kettlebells!
See these 3 guys I have stashed in my garage?  These really do the trick.  I bought 2 to begin with, the 15# and 10#.  I bought a cheap kettle bell DVD (which you really don't need to do) just to get the idea of how to do some exercises. I also checked-out a kettle bell book out at the library and did a youtube search for some exercises.  Now I absolutely love it!  And the best part, it's takes only 15-20 minutes to get a major workout.  I instantly started seeing and feeling results.  So now I go in my garage 3 mornings a week and turn on my music on my phone and really push it.  It takes half the time that it used to take me to drive to the gym and do a weight work-out there.  It's amazing!  I won't post any exercises on here because I don't have any pics and I wouldn't want to tell anybody wrong.  But there are plenty of resources out there.  My husband got a kettlebell app on his phone that he really likes.  A trainer talks him through all the exercises.
I also already had some hand weights and an exercise ball.  I do sit-ups and push-ups with the ball, plus a few leg exercises.  Then I add some upper body training with the weights.  So now my total work-out time is 25 minutes which includes some good stretching too.
Now, on the days that I don't do kettle bells, I do pure cardio.  Mostly I jog and occasionally bike.  But I've found that also I can cut my 60 minutes of power walking down to 30 minutes of more intense jogging and get better results as well.  I just thought I would encourage y'all that you really do not need a gym membership and a lot of time to stay in shape or get in shape.  I'm living proof! : )


  1. You sure are proof! I love the gym but can't go back until the baby is six months. So I have found a love for jogging recently! I have some dumbbells but I've never tried the kettle ball...interesting I'll have to look into it

  2. This is very timely -thank you! I have just been thinking that I need to work to get my body stronger again but I was a little unsure where to start with 5 littles in the house. This looks like a great idea -fun even! Thanks!

  3. Are you still doing THM? Have you found that to be sustainable?

  4. Hi Brandy, I still follow THM but pretty loosely. Once I reached my goal weight I started adding more crossovers and I've found that exercising daily (I take Sundays off) has kept me at my goal. I like to eat what I'm feeding my family and I'm really an "all things in moderation" girl when it comes to eating. I love southern food and love to bake and cook so if I eat way off plan, then I just up my exercising.

  5. Love this post I feel pike I am wasting so much time going to work out. Although I do enjoy the social side of it.

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  7. Your exercise methods seems to me quite well and I would like to follow your plan for doing exercise and I hope that I will be benefited. Thanks

  8. From another mom of 10 (mine are ages 25-4--5 boys and 5 girls), I love doing group classes at the gym--spin 2x a week and strength 3x a week and LOVE THM. Love your lifestyle and example. Thank you!

  9. Hi, Betsy again. I contacted you from main page.
    I wish we lived in same town and we could be exercise buddies:)
    I have 9 (pregnant with 10) and have enjoyed CrossFit/kettlebell workouts/ and barre workouts over
    the last several years. My hubby and I opened a CrossFit gym in our little town:)
    We homeschool until high school when we transition to a few classes at the local high school and part time homeschool. I have been extremely blessed by reading your blog... needed some "validation" and encouragement:) I will pray for you and yours today.
    by grace alone,


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