Thursday, March 13, 2014

This Little Guy....#10 is 3!

My precious baby is 3 years old!
So very hard to believe.  We all love and enjoy him so very much.  He is the "life of the party" at our house.  I also tell people his is 3 going on 13 because he wants to be so big like his siblings.  Sometimes I just want to scream, "Don't grow-up so fast!"  We all cannot imagine life without him and I feel so very very blessed.
For a boy, he is super talkative and sometimes we even tell him, "Patrick it's time to stop talking." 
For his birthday we just had a family party that evening, since our family is like a constant party : )

But during the day we went to the park and even though it was rather chilly, we got some good pics.

This past 3 years sure have flown by and as I get older I cherish the time with my littles more and more.  

Love this little guy so much!
One thing I would say to young moms out there is......
don't rush it.  Don't always be looking for the next milestone to be reached or for things to get "easier."  Really they don't ever get "easier" as a parent, just different.  Enjoy where you are right now with your children, embrace it.  Be content, and yes, I'm talking to myself here too : )


  1. Awwww he is precious! Good reminders:)

  2. I have been following your blog for a year now. I just wanted to thank you so much. I appreciate how much you love to be a mother. I admire your trust in God and openess to life. Some times I wish I could sit down and have a coffee and ask you a 1,000 questions. I just turned 30 I'm expecting #4 and we are also open to life. Thank you again for your blog! And Gos bless your family. Emy

    1. Thank you so much Emy for your sweet words. Blessings on you!

  3. yes to not rushing them to grow up!!! if only i'd known with baby #1 what I know with #7! I just told my husband that I am reveling in the babyness of our little one more than any of the others. I appreciate this time more (especially after a 4 1/2 years break!) and don't get upset about a rough night of sleep or a day of teething crabbiness. I just know that soon enough he won't need me the same way and i'm going to enjoy him while he's little.


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