Friday, January 29, 2010

Answers to the large family questions I receive on a regular basis

1. What kind of vehicle do y'all drive?

A 12 passenger 5 year old Chevy van with too many bumper stickers on the back. But my husband also bought me a red mini-cooper as a surprise for my 40th birthday. It's a perfect run-around car when I have 3 or less kids with me.

2. How many gallons of milk to you go through a week?
at least seven and a 1/2 gallon of cream for our coffee :o)

3. Speaking of groceries, how often do you go to the grocery store?
twice a week I do a big shopping and sometimes I have to send my husband or son to pick up one or two things.

4. How often are you at the pediatrician?
surprisingly only about once a month and that is usually for a scheduled check-up.

5. When and how do you homeschool with so many kids?
We homeschool every morning from 9-12pm. I try to not plan anything during those hours that is not school related. Then my kids finish up their "homework" in the afternoon by themselves. My older ones help watch the younger ones while I rotate my alone sessions with them.

6. How do you go on vacations and do you stay in hotels?
Well, my husband is in the hotel business so we get a good deals on hotel rooms and we get at least 2 adjoining rooms, sometimes 3. But we have learned that renting a house or condo. is more spacious and comfortable.

7. Did you have your children naturally?
Yes, I did, but I did have to have one c-section.

8. Do you cook all your meals?
Yes, I love to cook, but we do eat out about 3 times a week (2 lunches and 1 dinner).

9. When do you find time for yourself?
My husband is great about making sure I have time to myself. I work out alone every day, (I need this to clear my head and it's a great stress reliever) either in the morning before my husband leaves for work or around lunch time when my mom or a sitter watches the kids ( I use that time to run errands too). I also have Friday mornings to myself when my children go to homeschool tutorials at our church. My husband and I also have a date night every other Friday and I enjoy my monthly book club with my friends.

10. Is your house crazy loud and messy? (it's amazing how many strangers ask me this :o)
yes, at times, but we strive for order and God gives us peace. Many times people come in our house and say, "wow, you have 9 kids here!"


  1. I just 'found' your blog through Mommy Life. I hope you keep writing... you do have a gift for it! I am a grandma of two Down Syndrome children. They are both adopted, making my daughter's family one with six children. They are the youngest, and the older ones love helping take care of them! You can read about them at her blog:

    I will be back!
    Grandma Alice

  2. I came over from Mommy Life to say hi. Hope you enjoy your days of blogging and I also wanted to say that all of your children are just beautiful. May the Lord give you much grace in parenting and loving each one of them. I have known several people wih Down Syndrome children and they all feel the same about how special their children are and one of them said she would not have her daughter to be any other way. They had grown to love her just as she is.

    Happy blogging!

  3. Hi, I'm here from mommy life. so nice to meet you. I love your blog and you have a beautiful family. your Mattie is a handsome little man. look forward to returning to read more.

  4. Girl, I just gave my hubby the stink-eye. I have one child and he never gives me a break. Oh, Ron and my "Boaz" need to have a talk. I don't mention his real name on my blog. My daughter is "Princess" ... fyi.

  5. We get some of those questions, too. I also get, "You don't look like you have nine children." which always makes me wonder...what is a mother of nine supposed to look like? Why do I not look like her? Do I look like the mother of two? four? five? I mean, why not nine?

    We also always get asked, "Are you having more?" That's what everyone always wants to know, for some reason.

    Also, this: "You have nine children? But you look so calm...." I suppose most people have an image of mothers of large families...that we are supposed to be pulling our hair out and stressed out all the time.

  6. Such a beautiful family. Love the pictures!Love the post.


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