Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Can't Wait for the Babymoom

I'm just entering the third trimester and I'm already looking forward to my "babymoon."  I recently just learned this term from another blogger friend and I just love it.  I have had a babymoon, so to speak, since my second born but just didn't know this great name for it.  I learned way back that the freshly newborn phase goes by way too fast!  Also, I learned with my first, that even if you feel great, it's not the best thing for the mom or baby to get out and about too early.  I truly believe that if you plan on having a good many children, then you should protect your womb and let it heal properly.  Also, with my first, I felt so great and it was the holiday season, so I went out everywhere with him when he was still so little.  He then got a bad case of RSV and we ended up in the hospital, which really throws you into parenthood fast!

Anyway, this is basically how I spend my babymoon:
(btw, this is if you have a vaginal birth.  I did have one c-section and I added a week or so to everything listed)
My husband does take 1-2 weeks off of work and I plan ahead of time to take 2 weeks off of schooling.

First 2 weeks
     No cooking (we have a great church family that brings meals, plus I usually have a relative in town to help.)
     No homeschooling, no cleaning (if you don't have any help, tell people you want a gift card for a cleaning crew to come in about a week after baby is born).
     No exercising, except maybe a walk around the block or some light Pilate's in bed.
     No going anywhere, unless it's to the doctor or midwife.
     Kiss, hug, snuggle and nurse your baby a lot!

Next 4 weeks
     Continue no cooking (at this point I have meals in freezer if meals have stopped coming from friends or my husband picks up something or have kids cook.)
     Ease back into exercise slowly.  Add 1/2 mile to my walks and slowly add gym back into schedule with very light weights or just bike riding.
     Get help with driving.  I just tell my children we are scaling back and then I get more bold about asking others to drive my children to extracurriculars.

Enjoying my last babymoon~
Sisters fighting over their baby brother!  


  1. Oh how I miss those days. My sil just had a baby. When I went to pick up my niece she answered the door in her jammies with the baby all snuggled into her neck. bliss.

  2. I have had 3 babies and no baby moon. I guess since I never heard of the term I never got it. Well there is always wishing with this one. I am at 24 weeks with number 4.

    Good luck with your third trimester and have a wonderful baby moon!

  3. Anticipating the babymoon is almost as good as actually having it mostly b/c it comes and goes so quickly!! I still can't get over how fast time flies - my baby girl is almost 7 months old. Thanks for stopping by my blog - your family is lovely, as well! I pray all of the best of God's blessings on you as you finish your pregnancy and get ready to meet your newest little one!

  4. This sounds wonderful. I don't think I ever applied any of those suggestions! :( If there is a next time though I will definitely take more care to slow down. Something that is very difficult for me to do! Even when expecting my twins I could NOT slow down. And they were both almost 8 lbs so I had a huge tummy to tote around!

  5. I learned to try to do what you are outlining here! This is GREAT ADVICE! most mothers today just jump right back into everything full speed ahead . . . . and then wonder why they don't have enough milk?????? They assume they can't breastfeed and soon switch to the bottle. OH, That is SO SAD to me! they don't have a clue what they and baby miss out on!!!!!


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