Saturday, November 6, 2010

Our Lives Are So Very Full

Yes, full of comings and goings
full of cooking and shopping
full of laundry and cleaning
full of things breaking
full of conflicts, disciplining, and breaking up fights.

But more importantly, it's full of hugs and kisses
seeing children learn and accomplish their dreams
full of fun, exciting dinners
full of singing and laughing
full of snuggles in a rocking chair
full of good books and great music
full of the good life!

With November being a month of thankfulness, I'm trying to remain thankful and not
get bogged down with all I could complain about it.  This week we had a bug infestation
we had to treat, our less than 2 year old dishwasher broke and was too expensive to repair so we have to buy a new one (we have had to replace dishwashers so very much!  I guess they are not made for a family of 11 :o) and then we discovered signs of mice.  My boys caught one yesterday and we put traps out, but don't they usually come in families? : )

So, I'm going to look at all the good things my life is full of and try to remain extra thankful this month of November.

My little girls making their "we're scared of mice" faces!


  1. Oh girl, you have such a beautiful family! My little girl is sitting here with me and asked, "Why aren't I in that picture?" Well, because this isn't YOUR family. Ha. It is all about her you know!

    Mice?!?!? Scream!!!! I pray you conquered the little beasts!

  2. Adorable!Hope you are feeling well.Blessings,Marla

  3. Yes Rebecca, Mice usually come with a family, just be thankful that you do not have RATS!!! Buy an industrial dish washer this time and you should be good to go. :) I love your fall picture.

  4. How true that is. Thanking our Lord for His blessings is a better way to go... just not so easy sometimes. Thanks for the reminder.


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