Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Heart Cakes and Nesting!

Homemade Chocolate Heart Cake made with my Williams-Sonoma pan~

We made this a few days before Valentine's.  My husband got this pan for me one year for a Valentine's gift.  My favorite homemade chocolate cake recipe is the one on the back of the Hershey's cocoa container.  It is the best and not really hard at all.  Once you make it and taste it, you will never go back to a cake mix!  But I have learned that when you use a pan like this (I have a flower one as well) that you have to grease it with Baker's Secret spray. That is the only way that it comes out perfectly.

Mattie with his first box of Russell Stover Valentine candy : )

Every year my parents would get me and my siblings a Russell Stover heart shapped box of candy for Valentine's Day.  I have kept up the tradition with my children.  Mattie got a his own small box this year and boy did he love the chocolate.  I love writing them each a little "love" note to go with it and placing it out on the table where they eat early in the morning.  So, when they wake-up it's there.  We had a great Valentine's Day, complete with flowers and Godiva chocolate for me : )  My daughter had a Valentine's tea for some of her friends over here last night as well.

But, in the midst of all of this........I am majorly nesting and trying to get my house somewhat organized before baby #10 arrives.  I'm feeling the pressure to do get everything done and also the pressure that he is gettting very big and I'm very achy.  
Anyway, this weekend I put my children to work and we got some things done around here.  It's great having older kids that can do some of the organizing for me.  I just have to give out the jobs : )

My oldest daughter did an awesome job organizing the linen closet~

My boys spent a good bit of the day organizing and cleaning out the garage and now we can actually park a car in there!  I cleaned out and organized the beloved shoe cubbies.

And our school cubbies got cleaned out and somewhat organized.  Now, this weekend I'm sure I'll have a good bit more to do : )


  1. We do the Russell Stover hearts too! Such a great tradition :)

  2. Everything looks great!My favorite cake recipe also!Adorable pictures!Getting closer!:)

  3. Mattie looks for proud of his box of chocolates. Too cute.

  4. I miss those nesting days!! Praying for you, Becca:)

  5. I love that heart pan! I have the heart cupcake pan by Wilton (it's always half off the day after Valentine's Day at Walmart!) but I like yours better :)

  6. WOW I'm so impressed and super super JEALOUS that my pregnancy nesting didn't take me this far!!!! Here I am 1mo postpartum sitting in an unorganized disaster called my house with a 24/7 nursing baby without hope of organizing now! LOLOL


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