Monday, April 25, 2011

Passover and The Passion

 My 6 Boys Easter Morning
My 4 Girls

We had a wonderful Easter, or Resurrection Day as I like to call it, this year.  We had some precious extended family come in town for the weekend and did all our usual Easter traditions.  One thing we did different, or new to us, this year was to have a Passover Meal Thursday night.  We had not done a Sedar for a long time.  I think the last time we did one we only had 4 children.  My husband had the idea to have the meal, complete with the readings, and then follow-up with showing the Passion.  We told the older chidren they could invite some friends to both the dinner and the movie.  So, we had 3 extra teens for the meal and movie.  The younger ones and I skipped the movie, since it's pretty rough.  It's a great new tradition that I hope we can keep and use as an evangelical tool.  
I was pretty worn out by Sunday Easter dinner time after all the extra cooking and fun.  I love to make big party type meals, but I was glad when Sunday afternoon rolled around.  Here my husband is consoling his tired wife.
A big surprise visitor we had out our annual, family egg hunt.  This Copperhead was in our backyard right by our little girls play house.  After they had all been running around searching for the hidden eggs, my 8 year old daughter saw this guy.  The boys quickly destroyed it.  I'm just so glad no one was hurt.  And all my girls were out there barefoot doing the egg hunt!  God and His angels were protecting us!


  1. It sounds like a wonderful Easter! I love the pic of all your kiddos :) the copperhead is terrifying, so happy to hear that everyone is safe.

  2. Happy Resurrection Day!
    Thank God for sons who can take care of snakes!

  3. That is a big snake! So thankful you have some big boys to take care of it.

    Looks like a wonderful weekend was had by all!

  4. That is a gorgeous family you have there! And however did you manage to get such a great photo? I can NEVER get a photo of everyone with everyone looking good!

    Scary about the copperhead but thank goodness for the Lord for He surely protected those precious babies of yours.


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