Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Top 5 Things My Mom Did Right

Me and my precious mom this past Mother's Day~

In honor of Mother's Day this past weekend and to steal the idea from my husband's blog (he did a post recently titled "The Top 5 Things My Dad Did Right"), I thought I would write some things that I love about my Mom.....actually things I try to emulate in my own life.  I am blessed to have a wonderful, godly Mom, who really is my biggest fan.  So here are the top 5 things that come to mind when I think about her parenting me:

1. She has always had a smile for me.  She always smiles when she sees me and her eyes shine.  They way she looks at me, I know she loves me.

2.  She is a big encourager and always looks for the positive.  Sometimes this has "gotten on my nerves" but I would much rather have someone be too positive as opposed to too negative.  She always cheers me, and her other children and grandchildren, on.

3.  She pointed us to Jesus.  She still brings up the Lord in just about every conversation, no matter who she is talking to (if you know my mom, then you know this is true : )

4. She gave up her job to stay home with us.  She was always there when we came home from school, many times making us a special snack.  She was involved in many outside social and church activities, but we were always her top priority and we knew that.  She loved telling people she was a homemaker and she said it with pride.

5.  Her and my Dad had a godly marriage where they put Jesus first and showed so much love to each other.  My husband and I have tried to copy their marriage in almost all aspects.

Well, my Mom isn't and wasn't perfect, but she was great and I hope that I can continue her legacy.

This Mother's Day.....me with my 2 big boys : )


  1. This is bad but I can't remember if I have commented before. sigh. Anyway, I've been reading for a couple months.... you have a beautiful family! So blessed! The picture of you and your 2 oldest sons makes me smile, I can only imagine what it will be like when my 4 boys are big like that! ;)

    anyway, just wanted to say hi! Look forward to reading more.


  2. All great qualities! You both are radiant!

  3. What a great tribute to your mom. She sounds like a special lady indeed. And, I can just imagine that your children will be able to 'rise up and called you blessed' as well. Happy belated Mother's Day!

  4. My mother always says, "you know what kind of a parent you were by what kind of an adult your child becomes". You are a wonderful legacy.

  5. What a beautiful mom you have, and she raised a beautiful daughter. How sweet to do this.


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