Sunday, May 1, 2011

We Have A Garden Again!

My Little Plot of a Garden

After 3 years of not having a garden since we moved into our existing home, we finally have a small garden again.  Thanks to my darling husband and Christian and Luke, who worked all weekend.  They cleared the land and brought in topsoil and fertilizer.  Now we have two types of tomatoes, 3 types of peppers and green beans just waiting to mature.  In our two houses prior to this one, we had little gardens as well.  They were very fruitful and so fun for the children to tend to.  Even though at times the weeding and watering were not the funnest thing for them to do, the rewards were worth it.  I know to some of you out there with really big gardens or even farms, this seems so tiny.  But to us in suburbia, this is a big deal.  Now that my husband bought a small tiler, they have begun clearing a spot for an even bigger one......maybe next year.
 Luke and MK found worms to add to the soil.
There is something so therapeutic about a garden.  Remember when God created man and woman, He put them in a garden : )


  1. First time reading your site! I have no right to complain about my two kids when your dealing with ten!! Good luck with the new garden. I look forward to reading more of your site.

  2. I love having a garden and even though ours isn't much bigger than yours, I understand what you mean about how exciting it is! I always love seeing how much we grow :)

  3. I just moved all of my 4x4 planter boxes over to this new house and I am itching to get the soil into them and start planting!!

  4. Love that garden girl! Very sweet picture in the header too! We didn't even get ONE Easter picture this year! Can you believe it?

  5. Wow i am finding more and more that we have a lot in common. I just finished tilling the ground with my daughter for our garden. We haven't had one in three years either. I will try to post some pictures.


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