Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Grocery Store with 90% of my Kidos!

So, I don't normally go to the grocery store with more than 3 kids.  It's nice when you have older ones that can stay home with at least some of the younger ones.  I also try to do my big shopping of the week when my mom or a sitter is watching #'s 5-9.  But this week we were somewhat off schedule and I desperately needed to do a big a shopping.  We had no milk or cream for the coffee.....gasp! 
Well, the baby was taking a great morning nap so I planned to go the store with Matthew (to keep him from getting in trouble at home) and Caroline because she needed to pick out a quick birthday gift for friend at the nearby toy store on the way.  When #'s 4,5,7 and 8 heard we were stopping at the toy store then they wanted to come as well.  I said OK, but then my 18 year old and 16 year old heard we were all going to the grocery, they wanted to come too so they could pick out food and such.  Well then I couldn't leave the baby home alone so he was loaded in the van too.  I really couldn't believe that I was starting out my week on Monday morning heading to the grocery to do a big shopping with 9 kids!  Of course we had to have two carts.  Above is the "fun" cart.  Christian pushed them around, rather fast, and got random things for me that I had forgot on previous aisles.  Towards the end of our shopping adventure, Anna commented, "this was really fun.  We should do this more often!"  I had to laugh.  They are all were really well behaved, except for maybe running a little too much in the store and making me spend more money then I had planned, but I think next time I go I'll just take Patrick : )


  1. Hi just wanted to say I love reading your blog, so down to earth! Just wondering what store you were shopping in, the cart is mega fun! We don't have anything fun like that in Australia!! cheers Sue

  2. I did this recently too, except that I did not have any older kids come along to help. I don't know what I was thinking!!! After years of going solo or with one kid I was sorely out of practice. lol

  3. When I take children to the grocery store I always seem to spend twice as much money. :)

  4. What a cute picture.


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