Tuesday, June 28, 2011

When You're a Mom of Many......

You learn to Take 5 min. showers and actually get ready for the day in less than 15 minutes.

You are always thinking about the next meal..what it will be, when you make it, do you have all the ingredients, etc.

You never have a completely straight house.  It just doesn't happen. As soon as one room looks perfect, a child is in another room messing it up.

Going to the bathroom alone is a luxury....actually, at times, going to the bathroom at all is a luxury : )

You learn to do at least 3 things at the same time.  Like right now, I'm writing this post, nursing the baby, cooking dinner, and talking to my 6 year old.

You rarely get time alone with your husband, but when you do it's great (above is a picture he took of me on our last date.)

You have to always remain flexible and ready for the unexpected.  Even though I'm into schedules, I know that a day rarely goes by where we stay on schedule perfectly and that's OK.

You will get questions from family, friends, strangers, and casual acquaintances about how you do it and why you have so many and if you will be having more and do you know what causes that, etc.  So be prepared!

You have to be quick on the draw, you know "quick at hand" so to speak....to catch a falling pickle jar, quickly change the channel on the TV, grab a child that is about to fall down the stairs, etc.

Be OK with nothing staying new for long or better yet, learn to love hand-me-downs, consignment stores, garage sales, etc.  Yes, you really can afford to have a large family in this day and age!

So, you moms of many, feel free to add to my list!


  1. I'm pregnant with our first child, but I've always marveled at the people who ask "do you know what causes this?" well OF COURSE you do-most people who have a lot of children CHOOSE to have them because they love them. And it looks like you love all of yours and that they love being part of a big family :)

  2. LOVE the list!! Soooo true!!
    Right now I'm nursing, posting and finally (at 10 am) eating my breakfast and only because I needed to sit and nurse! LOL
    Beautiful family, beautiful blog!!

    From another mama to 10

  3. How fun. I can so identify! I love the family pic at the header. Lovely.

  4. you look fabulous for having 10 kids. I posted about you and another large family blog today :)
    hugs from HOT HOT HOT Arizona~where it will be 115 today!yikes!

  5. My family is not a large one yet (we have a two- and one-year-old now, hopefully adding to that number soon). But I've always wanted a large family, and I love seeing encouraging posts. My friends act like I'm crazy when I say I'd be happy with a dozen kids, but I would be thrilled to have lots more if God decides that is His plan.

    Your family is beautiful! As is that picture of you.

  6. Hi! I have been enjoying your blog for a little while now. I loved your list! I only have six little ones but I would add that as a mama of many you have to learn to be a contortionist while you shave your legs over a two year olds head in the shower, while reaching for a sippy cup in the back of the car etc. ;)

    Thank you for letting me share a little in your family! God Bless, Courtney

  7. love the last one. big families are possible. :) thanks!

  8. Ahh yes....so true. I came here from Niki's site. I keep trying to talk my DIL into blogging about her family. They have 11 children and it is so much fun.

  9. I only have 2, but I can relate to most of that! Even the "Are you having more?" question. It's always followed by "Why? You already have one of each!". :P

  10. Just caught up. Love you.

  11. I have read your blog for a while now but never commented before..... :)

    I have six children of my own and three step children also... I would LOVE to have had more children but it is no longer possible..... so I live vicariously through ladies like you with larger families than mine *grin

    I loved your list... all so true..... we get an awful lot of the "don't you know what causes it yet?" comment... we had to use ivf with our last four children {long story} so we just laugh politely and say 'yes, we know exactly what causes IT'....... :)

  12. When you are a mom of many, scrolling through the names to get to the right child may take a while.

    When you are a mom of many, everyone thinks you want their hand me downs.

    When you are a mom of many, there is always someone who doesn't like dinner.

    When you are a mom of many, there is always someone who loves dinner.

    When you are a mom of many, you are never done with the laundry, you've just run out of detergent.

    When you are a mom of many, the Suburban is the small car.

    When you are a mom of many, every month you get cake.

    When you are a mom of many, you get so skewed in your serving skills, you have trouble serving a small meal.

    When you are a mom of many, eventually, you get new outfits and shoes because your daughters outgrow them.

    When you are a mom of many, one grocery cart is never enough.

  13. Sherry, I think you beat me! Those are great and I agree with ALL of them!


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