Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Short Order Cook

Does anyone else out there with a good many small children feel like a short order cook?  I even find myself yelling, "Order up!"  I figured that on most days I make 3 meals and feed approximately 10 people each meal, so I feed about 30 people a day.  That's about as many as a small restaurant serves in a day!  And since most of my meals are made pretty fast and not too complicated, I think maybe I am a short order cook!  I don't make different things for each child, but they do have preferences and each has slightly different my morning sounds like, "order up....scrambled eggs, grits, no toast."  Or "order up... grits only with butter and salt."  Then my lunches sound like, "turkey with cheese sandwich, extra mustard and no mayo."  Or "turkey and cheese sandwich with lettuce, tomatoes, mayo."  Then with dinner, I've started putting everything on the island, we say grace and then everyone (unless your under 6) makes their own plate.  This is my new thing and seems to take the stress out of making all the plates. I just have to watch and make sure certain children don't avoid all the veggies : )
Christian is my real helper in the kitchen.  He just helped me make homemade guacamole and in this picture is making yummy omelets.  He makes them better than I do.  He has gourmet taste buds so it's a good thing he likes to cook.  Everything has to be "fresh."  He keeps me motivated to make things homemade and with healthy, fresh ingredients.....well, off to finish the black bean soup to go with the guac!


  1. Haha. Sounds like the things yelled out at my house. There are so many times when I also say, "Oh, I forgot you didn't like eggs, or, oh, I didn't know you didn't like peanut butter. Ahhh, it never ends!

  2. I only have 4 kids and feel this way. Yesterday I bought all the ingreds for broccoli cheese soup. YUCK. turned out awful. I am a horrible cook. I follow these dang recipes to the T and always yuck. LOL. Have no idea what I'm doing wrong.

  3. I only have two kids, but I still feel like this sometimes. Today we had homemade French toast (cinnamon for one, powdered sugar for the other) and burgers, green beans, and garlic mashed potatoes for my family plus my brother and two of his friends. I trimmed burgers five different ways! It's not hard for me to fix plates for my family of four, but with the three extra people, it was a bit of work! I'm thinking that letting everyone assemble their own plates next time we have company might be the best way to go.

    That omelet looks amazing. Does he want to come make one for me? ;)

  4. Yes! I have 11 kids. I do the food on the kitchen island and they go through like a buffet line--oldest to youngest(if they are all there!)

  5. I like your idea of lining it all up and letting them go through. I do that every so often but I may just put this into practice a bit more now. Thank you for sharing your idea!!

    Yes I do feel like a short order cook and like Mommyx12 said those comments are often heard at our home too.



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