Monday, August 8, 2011

First Day of Homeschool 2011-2012

 School Photo

Yes, we started up school already.  Today was our first day back in the swing of things.  We do a quarter system, with 9 weeks on and then 2 weeks off.  This goes with my high-schooler who is in a private school.  Plus, we are a bit tired of the summer and the heat and lack of a schedule (see previous post, but I'm not complaining, really : ).  So, we did our annual homeschool candle lighting service last night and were excited to get back to "the books."  We are changing things up a bit this year and adding Classical Conversations for the first time.  That will have to be another post.  Anyway, we started up slowly and didn't add all subjects today.  Here was our somewhat easy schedule of the day:
6:30  I went out for a quick jog.
7:30  The boys were up and eager to start   something, so they watched their Latin DVDs.
8:30  Breakfast, clean-up, and get dressed for day.
9:30  All together for Bible, reading and memory work.
10:30 Grammar and Math for everyone.
11:30 All done....Lunch prep
 I saw this idea on another blog.  I made these "flag cups" from card stock, skewer sticks, and plastic cups.  When a child needs to talk to me or ask a question about their work, then they grab a cup and wait.  Then when I have a break I answer the question or deal with the problem in the order of the cups.  Worked great today until my 13 year old hid the #1 cup!
Chunky Monkey Behaved Himself : )


  1. That's my #1 problem with homeschooling--everyone wants me at the same time! Maybe I will try the cup idea. But, I can picture my boys doing the same thing as your son and hiding the cups or the little ones running to see who gets a lower # cup first and breaking into tears if they don't :) Oh well, I hope it works for you tomorrow!

  2. Hi Becca
    I hope you have a wonderful year of learning! Over here our schooling is structured much as you are doing with 9 to 11 weeks on & then 2 weeks holiday - of course since we home school we have a choice, but it's usually easier just to follow along with the other schools!
    Hope you have a wonderful week

  3. YAY! Hope you guys have a great week!
    Love the little Chunky Monkey.
    And I like the flag cups- we might have to try that one at dinner- lol.

  4. We started back last week. Then the cousins came for surprise visit, there is always tomorrow. I have a question for anyone, how do you know when your day is finished? Somedays I feel like we only get math done, because it takes my son 2 hours to do a math page. Thanks!

  5. Looks like a great first day! I don't know how you do it with little ones under foot, even when Chunky Monkey behaves himself. ;)

  6. We are starting next Monday! Love the picture idea with the kids! Too cute!!
    Have a great school year!!

  7. Oh, do share all about what you are using for curriculum!!!!! Glad to hear that your year is off to a great start! We started the same day!

  8. We will be starting up the week after Labor Day. I love the photo of them all holding up their grade! Neat idea :)


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