Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What My Kids Think I Look LIke

Had a good laugh this past week when we got this flier for a cleaning company in the mail.  I didn't think much of it and was getting ready to through it away, when my 8 year old daughter and 10 year old son started laughing.  I asked them what was so funny and they said that this picture looked like me if I was a cartoon.  They couldn't stop laughing and asked the other kids what they thought and they all agreed.  Anna even chimed in and said, "well mom, it could be worse."  It's so funny now that every time I look at the picture, I laugh. My husband scanned it and put it on the computer.  I think he is trying to motivate me to do some more cleaning around the house.  I guess that is what is so funny about the picture....I really never walk around dressed like that cleaning (actually I don't clean much at all) and the dog certainly never helps!  We've had a good laugh over it in between all the tears over Ben leaving for college.  It's been a hard week, but we've made it and he is loving it there!  Thanks for all the prayers too. 


  1. haha I can't wait till my girls start talking. By the way there are similarities :-) Natasha x

  2. I love it!! And it does look like you and after having 10 babies, think what a compliment it is that everyone thinks you have that figure!


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