Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Toys I've Had Since My First Baby....aka, 20 Years

Well, my oldest baby just turned 21 and I'm still kind of in shock!  I still look in his eyes and see my little guy, but he really is a grown man now.  He can be a little difficult at times, but overall he has turned into a fine, godly man who is a joy to be around.
Anyway, I still have toys from when he was a baby and toddler!  Believe it or not, I do have some things that all 10 of my kids have played with and these toys have lasted for 20  years.  So, with all the young moms going out right now and buying toys for their kids, I thought I would let y'all know some good "investments" to make, especially if you want to pass them on to numerous younger siblings or even your grand kids.  So here it goes..........

 The Little Tyke toy piano~  This is still really in good condition after 20 years and works perfectly.  They still make this exact same one.
 On the right, a puzzle rack that a friend gave me and classic wooden puzzles~  I've added to the collection of puzzles over the years, but still have a few original ones and the rack from so long ago.  Also, the toy cars on the left I remember buying at Sam's when Will was only one year old.  They are still perfect and all my kids have played with them.
 The above blocks I bought from a friend selling Discovery Toys (not sure if that company is even around anymore) but they are great to stack and make pictures when put together right.  We also have classic wooden blocks that my brother-in-law made.  You can never go wrong with good quality blocks.
 Good quality children's books~ I also love this book rack and I love that I've read the same books to all 10 of my children.  I still get my kids books for Christmas.  We have quite a library of children's books that we've collected over the years.
Duplos and then as they get older, Legos.  These are the best : )


  1. My oldest just turned 21 on the 11th on Dec., so it looks like we started at the same time! I have some toys that we bought with him that we still have today and a few pieces of clothing that have lasted that long and all 6 boys have worn(oshkosh overalls and Gap clothing)

  2. Yes, we did start at just about exactly the same time. I have babygap and oshkosh clothing from him too that has lasted! I love the things that all 6 of my boys have worn : )

  3. I turned 21 on the 11th December too! A lot of my old toys have been passed on to my younger cousins and I love seeing them enjoying things that I played with 15 years ago! They still treasure my favourite little Duplo dog.

  4. We have tons of Duplo! You can never have too many and can never go wrong with Duplo!


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