Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Life on Speaker Phone

For the past month, my cell phone has been broken.  It would work but I could only talk to someone on speaker phone.  I couldn't figure out why it was doing this, but then my 11 year old told me that he had seen Matthew, my 3 year old, putting my phone into the dog's water dish.  On inspection at the Mac store, yes it had severe water damage.  So, I lived talking on speaker phone for over a month.  I know this doesn't sound like that big of deal, but I'm constantly having "drama" in my life with kids, extended family, friends, etc. Sometimes you just can't put off a phone call. Well, my  little corner of the world has heard it all over the last month......here's some examples:
Everyone at a huge consignment sale heard about my mother's drug issues after her foot surgery.

Everyone at my daughter's college orientation heard about my son's hives.

Everyone in Jersey Mike's (a sandwich shop)heard about my friend's new baby via home birth.

Everyone at the pool heard about the pizza I was ordering for dinner and my excuses to my husband about why we were ordering pizza in the first place.

Everyone in the grocery store heard me crying to my mom about how much I miss my kids in college.

Well, you get the gist....

And actually this made me think how in the society we live in currently, our lives are on "speaker phone" more than ever.  With blogs, facebook, instagram, twitter, cell phones and cameras everywhere.....it's really kind of scary.  We all know that we are constantly watched by God but now we are really watched by people all the time.  I value privacy just as much as anyone, but I know that our lives are fish bowls and we must constantly be on guard that we are glorifying God, even in the little things.  I've had to watch what I say and do, not just in public but all the time.  And don't we have little eyes watching us all the time anyway?  May we live such lives that we want our children to emulate, because we all know they will remember much more what we do than what we say. 
Oh, and my darling husband was so nice to get me a new phone (thank goodness he had bought insurance on it : )


  1. Ha ha ha...those phone calls everyone heard!

  2. Too funny!! Well, not really, but it makes a good story. My cell phone is now broken too. Now, we need a new one as well. Although, I did not go through the speaker phone issue.

    LOVE the last part of this. Our children truly always are watching us. What a good reminder!!!! Thank you.

  3. As I read your post I was picturing you in the store talking on your speaker phone and by the poolside ordering pizza then explaining to your husband why you were ordering pizza. As though a Mama of ten NEEDS a reason to order pizza - haha! A great reminder to watch what I say and do....all for the glory of God.



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