Saturday, September 29, 2012

Pacing Yourself

Just like you gotta pace yourself on a long bike ride with little ones........don't go too hard or fast, don't forget about stopping to enjoy the scenery and take a water break......same goes for mothering : )

"Pace yourself".....I've said this numerous times to myself over my years while parenting.  I think it's helped me not burn-out but instead helped me enjoy life and enjoy parenting.  I was thinking about this when I was folding clothes the other evening.  Laundry is one example of pacing yourself; meaning do a little each day and it will never become a big deal. Pacing yourself means not trying to do everything all at once and be "super mom" but on the other hand not neglecting things until they get huge and what appears insurmountable.

  Here are some other examples: a little each day and it won't ever overwhelm you.  We do our best to do a deep cleaning on most Saturdays.  Same for goes for straightening up.  Have a few set times each day and that you do a quick pick-up.  For us, it's before starting school in the morning, before rest/reading time, before Dad comes home and before bed. Make a game out of it, even put on some fun music.

Schooling......don't try to do to do it all, especially your first year of homeschooling.  And especially if your children are K or younger.  You will have plenty of time to teach them to read (do they really need to be reading when they are four anyway?) and plenty of opportunities to teach math (think real life examples) and plenty of years to do all those crafts and field trips.  I know so many moms that have exhausted themselves and turned "school" into something their children dread by trying to do too much too soon......pace yourself.  You have so many years ahead.  

Eating/dieting.......don't cut out "everything" in an attempt to lose weight or get healthier.  I have so many friends that drop all dairy, plus wheat, plus meat and then are back on their old diet faster than you can say "chocolate chip cookies."  Or they go on a "juice fast" and drop some pounds but then rebound and gain even more once they go back to eating normal.  Pace yourself, drop one bad food a week.  Concentrate on eating the really healthy, whole foods and you won't have the time or appetite for junk food.  

Same goes for exercising.....don't wait and work out one day-a-week, killing yourself doing a 2 hour gym work out or running 5 miles.  Plan (put it on your calendar, tell your husband, get a sitter if need be, etc.) to do some exercising 6 days a week and then if you only get to do 4 days, you're still good : )

Training the on one character quality a month, or concentrate on learning a Bible verse that may pertain to an area where you and the kids are having a hard time.  Don't try to "fix" every one's flaws or weaknesses at once.  

Planning activities......I've realized that we can handle only about one extra activity a week.  This includes things like play dates,  a mom lunch, a field trip, etc.  For me, that's just really all I can handle in my schedule right now with the number of children I have and all the school things, extracurricular and church things we have going on.  Find the number that is good for you, and stick to it.  It will make your weeks so much better, calmer and enjoyable.  

Well, that's all that comes to mind, but you get the gist.  Really, I tell myself a good bit, "pace yourself!"


  1. Hi, been missing your posts, and totally enjoyed the wise words you posted today!
    Unfortunately I'm reading them later at night, I really could have used this wisdom this morning, but I'll save it for another day. Up ALL night with sick baby! This has never happened in all our years of marriage with ALL our kids and foster kids, but it happened last night, and continued all day. I was a VERY sinful, cranky mommy today. I had to apologize to my kids more than once. I was trying to do all of our Saturday chores, plus can pears, while caring for my poor sick baby. Why didn't I just take him to the doc. and cuddle for the day? Eventually i took him in, but there was nothing they could do, he has hand-foot-mouth disease. His mouth is literally full of sores and blisters on his hands, feet and bum. He just cries and drools. Poor baby!
    Thanks again for your wise words!!

    1. Oh Lisa, I'm so sorry you had such a rough day and night and I wish I had posted this sooner. Hugs to you! I've had those days too, where I'm just so cranky and tired but still try to "do it all." I prayed for you last night and today and hope that your little guy is feeling better and you were both able to get some sleep. Hang in there and blessings.

  2. Love this.
    You really need to write a book.
    I would definitely buy it.

  3. Very good advice. The same goes for scheduling dentist and doctor appointments. Sometimes they need to be all in the same week, but if you have a choice, like on routine checkups, I found it was a lot better if I paced myself by spreading them out.

  4. I concur! I was told years ago to "Go Back to Basics" in times of stress. That means making sure that food, sleep and hygiene are cared for when you're in the woods. This always help to reset me during tough times. Right now I am strict about not having my kids in sports that play on weekend. That's our precious family time and I don't want be scheduled when my husband is working long hours during the week.
    I don't feel guilt about saying no because I know I am protecting my family.

  5. Hello Becca,

    I love this post. Wise words.
    It reminds me not to try or do everything at once, not to forget to enjoy life.

    Even this week, bad news again, our dear friends lost their daughter and sister, she has chosen to be with God.

    This year is a very tough year for us, a lot has happened, we've lost family and frends, they we're so young.

    So, it's nice to read your post today, it will help me getting trough this week.

    Thank you.


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