Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fall Break.........

Well, it's been a lovely fall break at our house and I guess you noticed I took a break from blogging too.  So sorry.  Things got busy and as you other bloggers out there know, a blog is like a pet that you have to feed and water and care for and when you're like me and have so many others to "feed and care for" the blog goes out the window, so to speak. 
We were blessed to have all our kids on the same fall break and were able to rent a mountain cabin and all be together for a few days relaxing and enjoying God's beautiful creation........I just love fall and I love the Blue Ridge Mountains!
So, here are some pics.........
My cute tired boys are the trip up to the mountains.  Isn't it so very nice when everyone sleeps peacefully on a long car ride?
The main thing we did everyday was go hiking.  Each day we took about a one mile hike on a different trial with all the kids. We would bring a picnic lunch and eat out on the trail.  It was so beautiful and the great thing about this activity is it's free, plus good for you!

My boys were great "carriers" of the smaller boys.  We borrowed an Ergo and I brought our off brand Ergo and we managed.  But next year, we need at least one true back pack for these little guys.....they are getting long and heavy!
Our cabin came complete with horses on the property.  We weren't able to ride them, but my kids loved petting them and feeding them way too many apples : ) They were beautiful to watch from our porch.  The kids also had tons of fun exploring the Christmas tree farms all around out cabin. 
We drove then hiked up some pretty high elevations. The kids loved it and the girls weren't even tired or nervous.
Matthew loved the great outdoors.  Here he is with blue lips cause he had just gotten into the M&M's that we had brought along for hiking energy.....of course, he had just been riding : )

My boys caught lots of yummy fresh water trout and we had them for dinner!

            All the girls on top of Mount Jefferson

And all my boys on top of Mount Jefferson....we never got a whole family picture but made some great memories.


  1. What a wonderful time. His mercies endure forever.

  2. Its so nice to finally catch up!! The pictures of the kids are just beautiful. I LOVE the new one on your blog front.
    Xoxo GiGi

  3. What a blessing to get away and create special memories!! We just took a road trip. We had to drive to Missouri due to the passing of my husband's grandma. It was a journey from So. California. Sad for the reason we were going, but it was a blessing to get away and be with each other. It was much different than mountains and hiking. That looks wonderful. We had hotels and city exploring. But the kids had a ball and really enjoyed visiting family that we had not seen in way too long once we got there. We brought home a yucky virus, so now we are doing a lot of resting!!!


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