Saturday, January 12, 2013

Why It's Almost Easier to Have More Kids

Me and my precious #7.  I can't even imagine life without her.

People ask me just about everyday how I can possibly have 10 kids and still be sane when they can't even handle to 2 or 1 or 3 or whatever they have.  I smile and try to explain that it really does get easier with each child and that I'm not some super woman.  They look a little puzzled or just shake their head and walk off.  Other moms of many seem to understand this phenomenon.  And recently I ran across an article on another blog that just sums it up so nice and in a humorous way. I just had to share. 

Here is the link to the complete article.

And here is my version:

1. There are many traits learned by children in larger families that actually make parenting them easier, namely patience, humility and work ethic.

2. Balance and other gymnastic type skills. I can maneuver through a room full of small toys in complete darkness with quiet skill.  I can drop a falling glass of milk in mid air.  I can quickly reclaim a small child from falling down stairs, etc. 

3. Praying.  Kids learn early on that they always have someone to pray with, pray for and have pray for them. Prayer is vital in running a large home and with more kids to pray for, you naturally spend more time praying which is definitely a good thing.

4. They learn to take the word "no" without a fit and they learn to say "no." Actually, I think it's good to give a child their daily dose of vitamin N. I heard a parenting expert speak on this once and I think it is so good and so true.  Kids today are so often told yes, OK, sure honey, whatever you want.  That is why our society is filled with selfish, self centered kids.  Also, children in large families are always telling each other no, especially the toddlers around. 

5. Spying.  I love how each of my children can really never get away with anything.  Even the ones out of the house are telling me things about each other.  It's great.  Like the Bible says, "Your sins will find you out!"

6. Friendship.  They always have instant life long friends around to play or just hang-out with.  I don't have to worry about scheduling lots of play dates and then be concerned about the other kids' family, home or life style.  It's great!

7. Love.  My kids are so very loved, not only by their parents, but by each other.  And it's wonderful to have so many "each others."  Like the quote from Cheaper By the Dozen, "There are many times I want to kill you, but I would kill FOR you in an instant."

And one I added.....
8. Entertainment and Help.  Kids make you laugh.  My husband and I are never bored and never lacking for a willing hand to help with whatever is needed at the moment.  I'm so thankful for the joy having a large family brings.


  1. I love this! Our three are 3.5, 2.5, and 9 months old, and I'm starting to really have "baby cravings." I would love to have a huge family, and no matter how big our family eventually ends up, I hope to juggle it all with the grace that you seem to.

  2. Getting ready for # 7 now, and I am SO, SO thankful for each and every blessing. Love this! I love the one about play dates. We do not do play dates. We get together with families as a family, but no play dates here. Can you imagine all the running around? They are always content with each other too and do not seem to crave this. My older son does like to play football, etc. with a couple of the kids in the neighborhood. But it does not go much outside of that. And I like the spying one too. Nobody can get away with anything, ha!

    Your precious # 7 is beautiful!!! LOVE the picture of you two. I have a question for you if it is okay to ask on here. I am almost 38 weeks pregnant, and the baby is in an oblique position right now. His head is up and bottom down. Have you ever had one breech this far along and turn?? We do home births now, and I cannot have any medications, chemicals, etc. due to health issues, so really praying he turns.

    1. Hey Cara, sorry I'm just getting back with you. We've had sickness over here. I'm glad Suzie wrote in because I've never had one out of position that late in the pregnancy. I know there are different positions to try and I heard something about ice bags on the top of your belly :) I will be praying for you!

  3. Hi,
    So agree with all the things here, with having nine , I too always get the comments on how we do it!

    Oh and to Cara with the baby in oblique position. When you have had many children it is not uncommon to have the baby turn well into the pregnancy, sometimes during labor! I too had a baby, I think #8 who would not stay still. I too had home births. I did alot of exercises to try and keep the baby head down. Ask your midwife, I am a midwife too and she should have some tips for you to try and acheive a cephalic home birth. Good luck !!

  4. Thank you SO much Suzie!! That is encouraging. He moves a lot. I guess the more you have, the more room. And I have a lot of fluid in there. I was praying over him and reading Scripture on Sunday asking our Father in the Name of Jesus to encourage him to turn. I was concerned about some of the techniques due to blood pressure, etc. Then my midwife had me into a Dr. on Monday that was going to possibly try and turn him. As soon as the technician did the ultrasound, he was head down. We are SO thankful for that. Praying he stays this way. I will ask her about exercises to do now. Thank you for letting me know!!

  5. Becca, this is off topic, but I thought of you as I read this. and I don't know the specifics of this child and her diet/needs, or your specifics, but I thought you might find it interesting.

  6. oops! link:

  7. Hi Becca! I've been reading your blog every night this week, and it is so encouraging. This post reminded me how lonely I was growing up in a closed home, with only one sibling...who was 6.5 yrs younger than me. A Christian home, but a lonely one. I have always wanted 3-4 kids close together, so I loved reading about the pluses of multiple kids close together.
    -Love from another Becca :)

  8. Thank you SO much for praying Becca!! I am praying he is still down and for a safe and uncomplicated home birth; for my health and his. I am sorry you all have had sickness. I will pray for complete healing for all of you and fast recoveries!!!

  9. Hi! I am new to your blog and have just really enjoyed reading through many of your posts here. I love your positive outlook and love of your family. As a mom of 5 and homeschooling, I am just eating up all your advice and wisdom!!

    Being raised in a family of 10, I also identify with a lot of this list.


  10. This is amazing... can I repost on my fb page with credit to you?????

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  12. Thank you for your blog! I've recently started reading and am really enjoying it. I'm a mother of one and hoping for my second sometime soon. I've been getting anxious about sharing my time and love between two. I hadn't even thought about them sharing love with each other!

    Thanks for the effort you put into your blog.

    Rachel in Scotland (


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