Wednesday, June 19, 2013

40 Days of Organization Update

So, I've gotten this far.....this is my laundry/mudroom.  Every child has a laundry basket and the upper baskets are for other things (a book, baby, girls, and boys basket.)

I thought I'd do a quick little update on my "40 Days of Organizing Challenge." (See my post about 2 weeks ago.) It's going well, well pretty well.  I must admit that I had one week where my husband was out of town and my son was in a tennis tournament, and the others were at a half day tennis camp, and there was a late night swim meet plus swim team practice thrown in there, so no organizing got done.  I blame it on my husband being out of town and the extracurriculars getting way out of hand.  But anyway, I figured that I actually have 9 weeks at home this summer, so I'm still on track.  That means I have 8 weeks of M-F tackling one of my projects on the list.  

So, I printed my list off and hung it up and everyday M-F I try to do one of the things listed.  I'm not doing them in order.  For some reason, that just stressed me out. I like to tackle what I'm motivated to do or what have time for.  Also, I realized that I have the weekends for catching up if life got crazy and I didn't do 5 things in a week.  I have Saturday and Sunday, and my husband home to help with the kids, if need be.  I would encourage you to walk through your house, like I did, and jot down 40 things that need organizing.  (or maybe you don't have that many : ) Summer is a great time to catch up, especially for us homeschool moms.

I was wondering to myself the other day why I should even try to do this.  I mean my life is busy and things will get messed up again and I'm probably just adding more stress.  But then I remembered that this is part of my job as a wife and mother...."to keep my house running smooth, uncluttered and a joy for my husband and children to come home to."  Work is good and the Lord wants us to not just be busy for busy sake but to do our work heartily as unto Him.  In the world we live in, everything goes from clean to dirty, new to old, uncluttered to cluttered, organized to disorganized.  Everyone can admit that, and it does take some effort and work on our part to keep things in order.  This was a good reminder for me and I hope it will motivate y'all too.  So, lets get cleaning, organizing, decluttering, etc!


  1. I have started organizing and decluttering last week, too! Finishing quilts, organizing my fabric and tools store room and making my living room clean and cosy again. Yes!
    Good luck on your 40 organizing projects job and lots of greetings from Dokkum, which is up north in The Netherlands.


  2. What a great idea! I have a mental list of areas needing attention this summer - writing it out will be very helpful. But can I keep it to only 40? I'm off to check out your other posts in this organizing challenge!

  3. I have thought the same thing at times! Why am I even doing this if it is going to get messed up right away again? But can you imagine what it would be like if we never did it?? SO true. We are working on organizing this summer as well. :)


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