Sunday, June 2, 2013

40 Days of Organization

And this is what Patrick thinks about this!

Well, it's officially summer in our house now.  That means a break from school, a trip to the beach, a trip to family camp in the mountains, swim team, a few summer camps and organizing for me.

I always try to get projects, deep cleaning and organizing done in the 10 weeks of summer that we have.  I have more time because we take a break from homeschooling (of course my kids still read good literature during the summer and do some math drills) but like I've said in previous summer posts, I need a break as much as they do!  So I'm posting my "40 days of organizing" list.  I'm doing this as much to keep me motivated and accountable as I am to help give y'all ideas too.  I figure that I have 8 weeks that I will be home so Mondays thru Fridays I can tackle one task or room.  So here's my list and please ladies, keep me going!

40 Days of Organization

1. Lower kitchen cabinets
2. Upper kitchen cabinets
3. Kitchen drawers
4. My desk
5. Pantry
6. Deep clean fridge
7. School cubbies
8. Laundry room baskets
9. Laundry room cabinets
10.Family room closet
11.School room
12.Video/DVD cabinet
13.Toy box
14.Book shelves in LR
15.Computer desk and basket
16.Dining room
17.Piano room book shelf
18.Back porch
19.Frame and hang pictures
20.Large downstairs closet
21.Linen closet
22.Little boys toys
23.Middle boys shelves
24.Middle boys clothes
25.Little boys closet
26.Middle boys closet 
27.My closet
28.My bedroom dressers
29.My bedroom night stands
30.My bathroom
31.Anna's room
32.Anna's closet
33.Toys in playroom
34.Books in playroom
35.Girls' room
38.Girl bathroom
39.Boy bathroom
40.Girl's toys

OK, so I think I'm starting this 40 day thing tomorrow.....yikes!  Y'all need to hold me accountable.  Hopefully this will motivate you moms our there to join me too : )


  1. This is awesome! Thanks for the inspiration! The first thing I need to do is make a list! It seems to be my biggest downfall in organization is not writing things down!

  2. I love this. Just what I needed - a list!!!



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