Thursday, July 11, 2013

Favorite Parts of My Day

(In no particular order)
#1 Taking my afternoon walk down the street with my little guy.  We love to mosey slowly and look at bugs and worms and flowers, etc.  He loves when cars pass and we stop and wave while he wishes it was Daddy.

#2 My morning quiet time with my wonderful cup of coffee with heavy cream. I love starting my day like this and God knows I NEED to start my day like this.

#3 My afternoon reading and rest time.  The house gets quiet while the kids nap or read, then I go in my room and read for about 30 minutes and close my eyes for about 30 sanity saver.

#4 When my husband comes home from work!  All the kids run to him so excited and he plants a big kiss on my lips : )

#5 Getting my little guys up from their naps.  They are so cute, warm, cuddly and still sleepy.  They love their mama.

#6 Making my little guys their meals on their monkey plates with little dividers.  I love doing this.  They aren't at an age to really complain about what I put on the plate (not that they eat everything) and it's so easy to find food to feed them.

#7 Taking a hot bubble bath at the end of the day.  This doesn't happen every night but boy can a hot bath ease a tired mind and muscles and make your problems seem a whole lot smaller.

#8 The end of my work-out when I know I've done it and I look up to heaven and thank the Lord that I'm healthy and strong and can run 3 miles or do heavy weights.  The endorphins kick in and life is good!

#9 Sitting down at dinner with my big table filled with my family and seeing them laugh while enjoying the food and each other....bliss.

#10 That rare part of the day, usually evening time, when the house is straight, the kitchen clean, the laundry done and all my children are safely home.


  1. I just love how much we have in common, yet how much we don't! Lol! I am 26 and have only one baby girl with another on the way... but I think we have very similar parenting styles and personalities. These are just all of my favorite things too :) I hope to one day have a beautiful big family like this and still have it somewhat together like you ;-)

  2. You must really make your schedule work for you :)
    The best thing about this post is that I know you really mean it when you write every one of these - I can see in your pictures how happy you really are and how happy you make your darling children! You make me want ten more kids!!
    Di in New Zealand :)


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