Tuesday, August 20, 2013

10 Kids Back in the House

So for almost 2 weeks, I had all my children home again.  Home from their jobs, internships and summer classes and here before they had headed back to college.  I love having them home and the house bursting at the seams again, but I guess I also was used to only having 7 here.  I know, 7 is a lot too but there is a difference, really : )

#1-The house is louder and louder later in the evening.  Many times we had some of their friends over and so the noise escalated. I'm so glad I have a loud fan in my room and the little boys room or getting sleep would of been impossible.

#2-I had to go to the grocery store much more often.  Instead of just twice a week I was going about every other day.  And when we had everyone home for dinner plus one extra person, we had to split into 2 tables on the back porch to eat at the same time.  My table seats 12 comfortably but when you hit 13, it's just kind of crazy.....especially with Matthew throwing food, but that's another story. And everything was always completely eaten up.  No more left-overs!

#3-Cars and trucks were piled in the driveway and on the road in front of the house.  Leaving the driveway was always a big deal.  I started looking for keys to move cars blocking me about 15 minutes before I really needed to leave.  And then when keys were missing......well, let's just say things seem to get a little heated : )

#4-Laundry was always being done and things just seemed to be everywhere.  The house wasn't quite as clean and tidy. But like a friend of me said who is an empty nester, "mess means people are here." : )

#5-The great thing having everyone home is the memories made and the memories talked about.  The love and the craziness is so worth it. Parenting older children is a whole different story than parenting little ones. It's still fun but let me tell you, it is challenging!  With 10, there is always someone to talk to, hug, hang out with, etc.  Never a dull moment!!!


  1. Haha, we have fans in our rooms blaring too! It began years ago when my twins were born. The only way to get them to sleep was to use a loud fan. Now all my kids are hooked!

  2. Just wondering if there is a way to msg tou privately?thanks!:)

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