Monday, September 16, 2013

You Know You Love Mothering When..........

 It's 9am on a Saturday morning and I'm taking the little guys to a birthday party 30 minutes away.....It's OK, I love mothering!
And speaking of Saturday mornings, as a mother they are no longer sacred.  Most of our Saturday mornings start way earlier than this.  Many a tennis tournament and soccer game has started by 8am and require leaving the house by 7am!  So, you know you really love motherhood when you don't mind this at all, in fact, you actually like it.  Sleeping in is no longer a luxury that you even dream about : )

So, here are some other ways that you can tell you really love mothering. (For those of you who aren't mothers yet, you probably think we are all crazy, but just wait! : )

-Potty training is seen as a challenge and not a yucky, messy thing to get through.  I'm getting ready to potty train my 10th child and actually am looking forward to it. Just bought some cute little boy underwear : ) He's smart, he's ready and I'm up for the challenge!

-When you actually enjoy making eggs for your big teenage boys at 6:30 in the morning.

-When you look forward every year to shopping for fall/spring clothes and switching out the kids wardrobes.

- You'd rather stay home, bake cookies and read books with your little ones then go to a movie and eat popcorn.

- You really don't mind getting woken up in the middle of the night by a little one because you know they grow-up way too fast.

- Pregnancy and breast feeding are looked at as a privilege and not a burden.

- You actually enjoy all the soccer games, football games, tennis matches, dance recitals, swim meets, etc. because you get to see your child in action and cheer them on.

- You don't mind the messy house because you know that all too soon it will be clean and straight and actually stay that way because no one will be there!

Well, this is about all I can think of right now.  Feel free to add to the list.  But really, motherhood changes your perspective on a whole lot of things!

Here is me and my biggest baby (not oldest, but the biggest) him so much.  Wasn't he just a little blond toddler that loved to walk around with bowls on his head and call them hats? 


  1. Love this sweet inspiring post! Yes it goes by far to fast. My oldest is turning sixteen is that possible?

  2. You know you love mothering like going to the park almost as much as they do. :) This was a good one, thanks!

  3. And you truly look radiant joyful and a fantastic advertisement for motherhood - many daughters have done well but you have exceeded them all.! You are an awesome inspiration!!
    Love from New Zealand

  4. This is such an excellent post :) It really captures the joy of motherhood, and all of the things we "get" to do, not "have" to do. I really enjoy your blog and find it so refreshing and encouraging in my own journey of motherhood. We need more mamma's like you encouraging us younger mammas and helping us see things through God's eyes. Your blog reminds me of Titus 2, the older women teaching the younger. (you're not old, lol, but definitely more experienced). Thanks again, and keep up the great work. You are encouraging so many!


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