Wednesday, November 13, 2013

This Is What I've Made....So Eat It : )

Lately I've had quite a bit of murmuring when it comes to meals.  I guess having 10 of us in the house at the moment and all with differing taste buds I had gotten into "mommy guilt" and started to try and please everyone.  But, no longer!  I'm going back to...."eat it or make something else!  And yes, it better be healthy."  Here is a picture of my morning breakfast schedule with a little reminder at the bottom. 

 Lunch we are a little more free for all and then dinner it's what I've made and that's it!  I try to cook healthy, even though it's not always "Trim Healthy Mama" and I keep a dinner menu planner as well.  I just want to encourage all you young moms out there to not give in to picky eating or trying to cook things for different members of the family.  You will wear yourself out, not to mention raise self-centered picky kids.....just a warning here.  And below, a pouty picture of my little guy that did not like what I made him the other day for lunch.  He pouted, ate very little and got over it : )


  1. I completely agree!! We recently moved in with my parents while we complete our new house and I tell you it is hard to make a meal that all 4 adults even like!! I figure nobody will go hungry and they will eventually eat something.

  2. This post came at a perfect time for me. I had a picky eater at dinner tonight. I made chicken tortilla soup and that little stinker would eat a bean here...and there... and stir her soup... take another bite so small it really wasn't a bite until finally I told her that I was making her other sisters blueberry cottage berry whip with FF ready whip (they LOVE this!) and she wouldn't get any if she didn't eat her dinner. Finally the spoonful's got bigger and eventually 3/4 of her bowl was gone. *sigh* That was stressful at first. lol


  3. We don't cater to each child's wishes at every meal either. I've always just done it like my mom did it with us - one meal and you eat it. However, I have one particularly picky eater. We just keep praying he will like food someday! Ha!


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