Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas.....The Most Wonderful/Busiet Time of the Year!

Shopping, shopping and more shopping, but really that's not what this season is all about, right?  It's about cooking, baking decorating, cards, events, etc,.....Well, no that's not it either.  It's about memories....good and bad.  It's about family, yes that's the real reason. Actually, no that's not it either......I think it's about Christ.  It's about giving and making memories.  I'm so glad that I have good memories from my childhood in regards to Christmas.  I also do love to give and shop and give and shop some more.  I feel so blessed to have so many to shop for but I have to work to keep my peace and not to try to be perfect.  You know how us moms do.....perfect decorating, perfect baking, kids in perfect matching Christmas outfits, etc.  Well, this holiday season I have really made an effort to get out of the materialism and perfectionism and keep Jesus the center of this Advent Season.  I bought a new and nicer Advent candle holder and we have really been celebrating Advent every night at dinner time......well, just about every night that we have a family dinner.  When my husband and I were out of town recently, but older son led it.  My daughter even videoed it for me and sent it to me.  It's was kind of funny but really great that they were doing it even though we were gone.  I purchased 2 books from Amazon that I would really recommend.  Here is the first.......

It's great for a family with young children.  The devotionals are just long enough and we all really like that they include a Christmas hymn/carol to sing together around the table every night.

I purchased this one for myself to use during my devotional time and it has been great. It's by John Piper. I feel like I am learning so much about what Christ's coming really was all about.  

I do love Christmas and look forward to this time all year long.  Here are some Christmas time pictures that we've recently taken for you to get a glimpse into our "crazy" but fun Christmas season here with a family of 12. 

We get our live North Carolina tree at the same friend's farm each year on the weekend after Thanksgiving.  We have to go at night so the kids can play tag in the trees. This year we had some cousins with us too.

This year, I chilled out and let the kids do just about all the decorating.  So, it's not perfect but it's great having older kids that love to decorate and younger kids who are so eager to "help." I sat on the sofa and drank spiced tea : )
My darling Caroline has a December birthday and this year for her 12th bday we had an artist friend come and do an art party.  It was wonderful and they all did so well!

I had to include this picture of my mom in her Christmas sweater from the 80's.  She's a treasure to us!

Patrick got to sing on stage for his preschool Christmas production.  He was so cute......tears in my eyes and he's definitely not one of my shy children.

My little guy loves to help me shop but talks me into buying way too much junk!

My husband had a conference in New Orleans so I was able to go meet him there and see my sister as well.  There is nothing like New Orleans at Christmas time.  It is beautiful and the food is as wonderful as I remember as a child.  There is also nothing like laughing with your sister and spending some time away with your husband. 


  1. I am doing the same advent study by John Piper. I've been enjoying reading it early in the darkness of the morning next to the Christmas tree. Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family!

  2. Awesome! Glad you are keeping a healthy perspective! I went to NOLA this year and loved it!!!

  3. Beautiful family. I just discovered your site this morning! I am new to Trim Healthy Mama and was reading your food list to begin the program...I didn't expect to find all this! If you do have time, I left a question in the comment section on that post regarding whey. Thank you!


Thanks so much for your comments! I love them and they keep me writing. I really do read each one.