Saturday, January 31, 2015

Things People Ask My Children About Being in a Large Family

Recently I was in the kitchen with a few of my kids (actually it seems like I'm always in the kitchen with a few of my kids : ) and one of them told me a question that they had been asked at school about being one of 10 kids.  The other child laughed and said, "yeah, I get that same question all the time, plus a few others."  I had never heard them talk about this and thought it was rather funny and interesting.  So here of some of the things they told me that they get asked quite a bit.........

1. Who is your favorite sibling? (this child said he doesn't have a favorite)

2. Who are you the closest to out of all of them? (I think this changes with the age the child is)

3.  Do you have to fight for your food? (like, seriously)

4. Do you get enough food? (my children are all on the thin side but really, do they look malnourished?!)

5. How do your parents feed all those mouths? (well, this is a challenge)

6. Is it super loud in your house all the time? (well, not all the time)

7. How do you get your school work done with so many people around? (this child said he worked better with noise and family chaos ;)

8. Do you have a giant house? (it's plenty big, 5 bedrooms, even though my husband thinks it's not big enough) 

9. Are there any twins or any adopted? (I get this one a lot too and the blended family question)

10. Are you guys Catholic or Mormon? (this one my son says he gets the most and no, we are neither)

11. How old are your parents? (now that one is kind of personal)

12. So, are you going to have that many kids too? (I don't even want to know the answer to that one!)

These are all true questions they have been asked.  I did a blog post a while back on the questions and comments my husband and I get titled "Things People Say."  
You other moms of many should ask your kids what they get asked and let me know : )

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