Sunday, February 15, 2015

Daddy daughter Dancing

My darling husband took my 3 younger girls to a Valentine Daddy/Daughter Dance

What a precious thing, Dads and daughters celebrating Valentine's together.  My father never took me to a Daddy/Daughter dance.  Maybe because these didn't exist in the 70's and 80's but boy I wish they would of!  When I think about how fun and special that would of been, it brings tears to my eyes. Probably because my father has passed away.  I do remember dancing with my dad, particularly on a river cruise boat and the special times we had alone doing things together.  Mostly we played tennis, rode bikes, or just had fun driving around in the car singing together.  We as moms need to encourage our husbands to do special things with our daughters; things that don't involve us.  These are memories that will stay in our precious girls' hearts forever, even if they are "sharing" their dad with a sister.  We can't forget the importance of a father in the lives of our daughters.  According to a study released by Baylor University,

Shared activities. When dad and daughter do something together.
The daughters in the study, all 22 years or older, identified three kinds of activities that changed the course and depth of their bonds with their dads:
  1. Sports: Doing a sport opened lines of communication, created shared play moments together, and encouraged the daughter to “take risks and stand up for themselves.”
  2. Working Together: Engaging in some tasks together helped daughters see a different side of their dads.
  3. Vacations: Time spent together on vacations opened up communication and deepened bonds in unique ways.
Not only that, building these bonds with our daughters apparently helps them be more successful in school as well. As a matter of fact, researchers are seeing that dads sometimes have a bigger impact on their daughters’ success than moms."
So, like I said we moms need to give our husbands opportunities and ideas to help them with our daughters.  Don't let this special time pass by!
Sweet Caroline

Darling Elisabeth Daisy

My littlest sunshine girl "Cakey"

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