Friday, January 19, 2018

Our Family is Growing

Well, no more babies but we're now at the phase of adding sons and daughters in law.  It's been a busy year and forgive me for not blogging.  But things are well and God has been faithful.  This past September our older daughter was wed in Tennessee.  We now have a son-in-law who loves our daughter more than life.  And then this past Christmas my oldest son became engaged to the woman of his dreams and they are planning a wedding for this coming September! Here are some pictures:

Anna and Dany

Will and Cassidy 

Such a special time in our family's life.  I always kind of looked towards this phase with a little sadness, knowing that it wouldn't always just be our "10" but it really is not that way at all.  I can't believe how amazing it is to really get more sons and daughters and see how happy they are.  It will be a phase that will last many years since we have a bunch and I know there will be hills and valleys along the way.  We have prayed for our children's spouses since before they were born and trust the Lord with their choices.  Our children grow-up, they become our friends and they make their own decisions.  We have to let go and let them fly! 


  1. So wonderful to read an update on your beautiful family! Everyone is so grown up! What a difference a year makes. I have been reading your blog for years! Glad you are back! My husband and I have 9 children with the oldest being 14. We still have a few years until we reach the "in law" stage but I know time will fly by!

    Take care, Jenny

  2. Congratulations! Everyone has changed so much! You have a beautiful family and I love reading updates!

  3. Hi! And so happy u r back.Lovely to hear the updates and see the beautiful pictures. Many congratulations. Please keep posting...I find you so inspiring. Mumof4

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