Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Managing Groceries

Groceries.......groceries.....well it's a good thing that I like to shop and cook (smile). I do have a grocery budget and I do have a weekly plan.  I have to, right?  Well, this is it.....I do this thing called "The Grocery Game".  I pay about $1 a week and I get a list of what is the best sales and what coupons to use at my favorite/closests grocery store, Harris Teeter.  Check out the website online.  I think most states have it now and it is really great.  I get the Sunday paper and that is just about the only coupons that I use.  At first, I payed for 3 store lists, but I found it too time consuming to go to 3 stores in one day.  So, I do this grocery game and do a big shopping at Harris Teeter once early in the week.  I save alot using the coupons and the list that the website gives me.  Sometimes I save almost as much as I spend.  Then later in the week, I do a big Sam's shopping or Whole Foods shopping (I alternate).  I try not to go to the grocery store any other time because then I would just spend more money.  I'm pretty stock piled, so I make it work.  Also, when things are rushed or their is sickness in the house I use the Sam's click and pull option.  This means you can order your groceries online and they will have it waiting for you all shrink wrapped at the door for no extra charge.  It's great!  Then my husband can pick it up on the way home from work (smile).  I buy all my diapers, wipes, vitamins, toiletries, paper products and even school supplies at these stores.  I do go to Target once a month (if I go more than that I spend too much......I just love Target).  Well, this is how this mother of 9 has done if for the last 2-3 years feeding 11 mouths plus friends.  Oh, and I usually only take 1-3 children with me to the store.  It's so great to have built in baby sitters now!

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