Sunday, April 18, 2010

Managing Laundry

Does anyone else ever feel like laundry is taking over your house?  You know, not only the daily clothes, but dirty towels, sheets, friend's clothes that get left over here and even doll/teddy bear clothes!  You know I'm glad I have all this laundry to do, I'm not complaining, really :o)  I do like to do laundry compared to other chores around the house though.  I think it's just because I like clothes.  Also, a friend shared this with me a back when I only had 3 kids......she said that as she folds clothes she prays for the person whose clothes she is folding.  I don't always do this, I must admit, but I try to.  Anyway, so as to not get overwhelmed with laundry, I do one large load everyday.  I have a large capacity upright washer and drier and I fill it very full.  I alternate between a light or white load and then a dark load the next day.  I have a basket labeled with each child's name and as soon as it comes out of the drier and is folded, I put it in their basket.  When their basket gets full, then I put it at the bottom of the stairs and they have to bring it up and put their clothes away.  Usually I fold clothes after dinner is cleaned up.  I take the load out of the drier and put it on the kitchen table and my husband and a few kids help me fold.  A child throws down all the dirty clothes from upstairs and I put on another load.  I do sheets on Saturday.  I used to be pretty obsessed with changing all the sheets weekly because this is how I was raised but now I just try to wash everyone's sheets bimonthly.  I know some large families have their older kids do their own laundry, but with only one washer/drier set, I feel like this would complicate things.  My older kids do know how do laundry and now my one son in college is doing his own, thankfully :o) Oh, their is a book by one of my favorite authors called "Lord Meet Me in the Laundry Room."  It is a great mommy book and encourages moms to take laundry time as a quiet time to spend with Him, if you can.  Well, off to fold clothes!


  1. Becca, I stumbled across your blog from your husbands when I noticed you had a son that passed away. Our 5th child, Samuel was still born in October of 08. Oh my, what a journey it is to travel. We homeschool as well. I have the managers of your chores book. But after reading your post you inspired me to actually put it into practice...

    Your blog encouraged me today... and I wanted you to know that. Your family is just precious... what a gift from our Lord:)

  2. We do laundry the same way!

  3. I always wondered how in the world you stayed on top of it. You would have to be disciplined. I can't stay on top of our little family of THREE. :o)

    Did you know I blogged too? You'll have to come over and visit.


  4. I love your simple ways:) Mine are simple too!

  5. Laundry is one of the biggest challenges facing large families!!!!


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