Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hole is Closed!

Don't you like the stressed out Mom picture? You know, stressed Mom equals stressed baby :o) Anyway, Mattie was a trooper and the surgery went great.  We were able to see part of the surgery on film.  It was amazing, especially the before and after part.  We also saw the post op. echocardiogram which confirmed that the little coil they placed in the hole was in the right spot.  So there is now no more back flow of blood into the pulmonary artery.  He woke up cranky after surger, which is so unlike his usual self.  His right leg, where they went in the femoral artery, has been slow returning to normal though.  That leg is still cooler than the other and the doctor was not able to get all his pulses before they discharged us.  There was talk of them keeping Mattie overnight to give him blood thinners, but praise God the doctor thought the color in his leg and foot good enough to let us go home.  We are still watching it, but he is crawling all over the place today.  He's back to his happy self!  Thanks so much for all the prayers and concerns.


  1. Praise God! That's wonderful news. So happy to hear that Mattie is doing well.


  2. Praising God with you that the surgery was successful and that Mattie is doing well:)

  3. You do not look stressed at all, I do not think I have ever seen a bad picture of you. I was just thinking while reading about the surgery, it is nice to be a RN in times like these, helps calm the nerves. Love you.

  4. Poor baby I can imagine I'd be stressed too:) God bless you for loving this child so much!

  5. Hi. I just found your blog. I've enjoyed visiting all evening lol Your family is beautiful.

    My youngest of 9, also has DS. She had the same surgery at 15 months. Out patient too. Began her crawling around again the day after coming home. Surgery didn't slow her down at all. The coil "took" well and all is well now at age 7.

    God's blessings to you and your family and congratulations on the new little one. We just got news that we may be getting a 4 year old girl so our daughter will also have a little sibling, also giving us 10 :)


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