Monday, May 10, 2010

Playdough and Playgrounds.....Enjoying the Simple Things

I love spring, actually I love all the seasons when they first start.  I'm so glad God knew we needed change.  I love being at my house all day and not having to go anywhere, especially when it's beautiful outside.  Sometimes we all get so very busy and it takes staying at home just to slow us down.  We have an awesome playground that we can walk to and today was the perfect weather for it.  Last week when it was a little too hot and muggy we made homemade playdough.  This is something that I hadn't done since I had my 5th child (about 9 years ago).  I know, some of you probably do this quite frequently, but I had started buying the store stuff again.  Anyway, I realized this time around how much better the homemade stuff is and how fun and easy it is to make.  We had a great time doing it.  It just reminded me of how little, simple things are so fun and relaxing to us adults, but how special they are to our little ones.  
Here is the recipe I used:
2 cups flour
2 cups water
1 cup salt
2 tbls. veg. oil
1 tbls. cream of tartar
Cook all above ingredients in a large pot on medium until it starts to pull away from sides of pot and look like playdough. 
Remove to floured surface and need until soft and not too warm.  Divide into balls and add food coloring. To make the amount I did in the above picture, double the recipe.

Anyway, hope this posts encourages you to go the park, take a walk, make playdough or just sit and color with your kidos.  Memories are made just as much with the simple things as they are with the grand.


  1. I always think of your dad in the spring. He preached one time on going through hard times and how he knew God would renew him as he renewed the earth in the Spring. It has encouraged me often. I also love being at home with no where to go.

  2. Me Me I make playdough at home and hate the store stuff! Plus there is hardly any in those little contiainers!

  3. Hey, Becca, I just found you from Beth's blog. We are making your play dough today, word of advice make sure there isn't any whole wheat flour in your flour canister or you end up with brown dough :)


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