Sunday, May 16, 2010

Managing Cooking

It's a good thing I like to cook, right? I started cooking and baking at 10 years old and no, my Mom didn't teach me, but that's another blog post :o)  Anyway, this is how I manage all the meals at my house.  
Since dinner can be the most overwhelming and is the largest meal in most american households, I will start with that.  What I started doing a few years ago is a schedule with each day having it's "main course".  Meaning I have a roast night (this could be any kind of meat roasted), a chicken night, an italian night, a mexican night, a seafood night, a soup night and a left-over night.  I brained stormed all the dinner meals we like and put them into one of the above categories.  I made a list so that I have 5 weeks of meals written down.  I do vary the days some depending on our schedule and how much time I have to cook or if I need to do a crockpot meal cause the afternoon will be crazy.  I also vary it some by what is on sale at my favorite grocery store for that week.
As far as lunch, we basically have sandwiches, left overs or frozen pizza.  We are big breakfast eaters though.  I believe in giving my kids a high protein breakfast, plus most of my children are like me and wake up pretty hungry.  I alternate our mornings with either eggs, cooked one of three ways, or a high protein shake with either hot or cold cereal on the alternate days.  I make waffles or pancakes on Saturday.  When it's "egg" day, we have toast or homemade biscuits or muffins with the eggs. I'll post my shake recipe in my recipe section of the blog.  Hope this isn't too confusing and maybe one day I'll post all our dinner meals.  Happy cooking!


  1. I appreciate posts like this. I feel like, as our family grows, mealtimes are constantly being reinvented around here. Can you tell me how you handle snacks? I am amazed by how much food our little boys can put away. The girls are older, but the boys can eat circles around them!

  2. Yes, my boys are very big eaters too! Wait till you have 4 teens in the house :o) Anyway, my kids are all on the thin side and very active so I'm not too stringent on snacks. We have an official snack time mid-morning during school time around 10:15am, then another afternoon snack time between 3 and 4, then they get a snack before bed around 8pm. I let them have fruits and veggies basically anytime they want. I try to keep our snacks healthy and not too sugary. Hope this helps :o)

  3. I've managed meal in a similar manner in the past. Right now I am in "cooking from the freezer" mode. I need to use up the older things and get it stocked with new. :)

  4. I would love your homemade bisquit recipe!Blessings ,Marla Grace

  5. I just put my biscuit recipe in my recipe's very easy!


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