Monday, June 21, 2010

Look What Mattie Can Do

My little guy, Mattie, just had his 18 month check-up this week.  And while there is much he cannot do that a typical 18 month old can, there is much he can do!  I did get a little discouraged when the pediatrician had me fill out the typical mental and motor assessment.  It make me remember all the things my other children were doing at this age.     If you cut his age in half, he's very advanced for a 9 month old!  That is usually how I think of his development and really he is doing very well.  So here's the run down:

He's babbling a lot and says about 5 different words (not sure if he knows what he's saying though.)

He loves eating and eats just about anything.  No more baby food for him and he has 5 teeth!  He doesn't like cups (we've tried many different kinds) and gets just about all his liquids still from a bottle.

He is crawling everywhere, but still commando.  He can stand holding onto the furniture and tries to pull himself up. He's not cruising yet though.

He claps and dances, all the time.  He raises his hands for "up" or "hold me."  He waves bye-bye, signs "more."  He is very social and is starting to play games and mimic.

He is in the 75 percentile for weight and 90 percentile for height (this is on the Down Syndrome chart.)

His thyroid is under control with his thyroid medicine and now there is no longer a heart murmur.  He actually has never even had an ear infection or been on an oral antibiotic for anything.

He is such a joy to be around.  I'm sure he's my easiest baby ever!  I'm so glad God gave us Mattie.


  1. He is the sweetest little thing!

  2. way to look at the positive! i have always found down syndrome children to be the happiest and sweetest of children.

  3. What a sweet post! You're son is such a treasure.

  4. I so appreciate your honesty.

  5. He is so beautiful Rebecca! I'm glad he is doing well.


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