Friday, June 25, 2010

Soccer Moms Have Gotten a Bad Rap!

Notice how happy the moms and baby look in this picture?  That's because it was the last games of the season!  The end of the season tournament!  And while it was extremely hot, aka heat index of 105, we were just happy the season was ending and our boys were on the winning team.  You know I've been involved in soccer now for 13 years and I think I've run into 1 soccer mom that was pushy, mean and yelled at her little boy.  But I've run into dozens of great moms that sit through hours of hot or cold or windy or rainy games, which can sometimes be rather boring.  These moms get their kids ready for the games, bring snacks, get them to practice and games on time and keep smiling through it all.  It just makes me realize how awesome moms are, you know?  Also, I've been around many football and tennis moms too, and they are just as great (well, tennis moms aren't quite as social :o) Here are some pics of my little soccer champions at their last games of the season.  I had 3 playing in the league this year, which made things rather hectic at times. Thankfully the soccer field is within walking distance!

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  1. Yikes! God bless you in this heat! I've been going to swim lessons with my Princess and MELTING. At least we are under a tent. Oh my.

    The pictures are precious!



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