Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Large Family Vehicles

So, I get asked quite frequently what kind of car a family of 11 drives.  Here is a picture of our "Tonka."  It is a 12 passenger Chevy Express and yes, I know it's rather "nerdy" as a friend of mine just told me (she could say this because she has a 15 passenger Ford van.) But you know, my kids love it.  I talked recently about getting rid of it and even my 16 year old daughter freaked out.  "It's classic, Mom" she said. My oldest son used to get embarrassed when I picked him up from school in it, but he needed a little humbling (smile). He is the one who is using it this week to drive inner city kids on field trips with our church's inner city ministry. So, really it comes in handy! It's amazing how many people have told me that they don't want to have more than 6 kids because then they can't fit into a mini-van or a Suburban.  Really, is that anyway to judge whether or not to add another child, whether by birth or adoption, to a family?!  Actually, we probably should of gotten a 15 passenger van and maybe one day we will.  Many times we have extra kids and have to fit 14 or so in Tonka.  When we overflow, we just put the boys on top and let the girls ride inside (see above picture).  I'm just kidding, but it does have a pretty sturdy roof :o)


  1. You didn't point out the cool rims you guys have and the wide tires that make it sporty!

  2. hey there. Great to find your blog. My hubby and I have 8 children ranging in age from 18 down to 5 months. It is great to find another bigger than average family.

    We have a Volkswagon 9 seater for our family. My eldest has moved out of home so we didn't need to go bigger with our baby.

  3. Forget the Tonka, how about a bus!

  4. Hi there! I love your vehicle. I'm a mom of seven, and I get asked that question all the time -- "how do you do it?" HOnestly, I don't really think about how -- I just do.

    Love your blog. Glad I found you. (blogfrog)

    Have a great day!


  5. When I saw Mama of 9 I had to stop by !!!I'm so glad I did, I'm now a follower !!

  6. I just stumbled upon your blog & I'm really glad I did!! We only have 5 kids- but even then often get the many questions... one more & we'll be looking for a vehicle like yours! :)
    Have a wonderful day!

  7. THAT is not nerdy. We just bought a 15 passenger van and got a great deal - but it was from a Montessori school and says SCHOOL BUS across the back in big blue letters!

    But, bonus, the interior is not carpeted but has some kind of vinyl, the same stuff the dash is made out of so we can literally hose it down!

  8. Wow, okay now I see why you used the term teenagers when you responded on my Goodwill question. You have a few, eh! Very nice looking family.

    Thanks for joining in on my Blogfrog question. Maybe we can chat sometime again.


  9. We have been driving a 15-passenger van since we were expecting our sixth little one. We pull out the back seat, as it is right up against the door and leaves no storage space. The van we drive right now has vinyl seats and rubbing matting on the floor--definitely a family van!

  10. LOL!

    we used to have a 15 passengar van . . . but after a rollover accident on I-85 switched to a 12-passengar. I have affectionately christened our van "THe White Elephant!" :)

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