Thursday, July 22, 2010

Love/Hate Relationships

There are a few things, as a Mom, that I have "love/hate" relationships with.  Here are probably the top three:
1. Forts
While they keep my children busy for hours, they are such a mess to clean-up and every blanket and pillow in the house ends up where it's not supposed to be.  And usually someone ends up crying cause their fort collasped or they couldn't fit in the fort with their siblings.
2. Legos
Again, these keep my kids busy for hours and they are educational, but why do they end up everywhere?!  Does anyone else have this problem?  I find them in the car, on the porch and even in the refrigerator!  What is up with that?  The kids never want to clean them up and it hurts so bad when you step on one bare foot!
3. Our Golden Retriever
Yes, I do love him and he is a good dog, as far as dogs go, but sometimes I am ready to take him to the pound!  I have to sweep everyday, not so much because of the kidos but because of his hair.  And he is forever finding ways to get out of our yard and run around the neighborhood barking at other people in their own yards!  I really do appreciate him though when my husband is out of town.  He is a great watch dog and he's excellent with the children.

So, what are some of your Mom "love/hate" relationships? :o)


  1. Just found your blog. Im pregnant with my 6th and would just LUUVVVV a 12 passenger van. We have a big black conversion van right now and love it but a chevy 12 passenger is on our prayer list. Love that you have 9 kids... what a blessing!

  2. Cute post! I totally agree with you!! We ended giving our chocolate lab to my brother-in-law (who has another lab the same age AND lots of property)!
    Your children are just simply beautiful! Thanks for stopping by my blog, hope to see you again soon! ;)

  3. I have the same relationship with Lego's. They drive me crazy. I love your blog, its great to know that someone else has the same issues as our large family!

  4. Oh boy, can I relate!!! I'm the mom of 5 kids plus I have 4 step kids, so they add up to 9 ~
    We have a huge black lab/german shepard that is a baby and has to stay indoors (a 7 yr old baby). And my girls loved forts. They would use dozens of books off the bookshelves to hold the blankets in place, until I got them heavy duty cloths pins to use instead. Legos . . . I lived through them, I have no solution to that clean up problem!!!

  5. I was just sort of posting about this as well.Our english Setter is in th ehouse,LOVE HER,but hate sweeping all of her hair.We have lots of chickens and rabbits and 2 outside dogs and 5 male kittens,I need more help taking care of them not playing with them.SCHOOLING,we started homeschool early and I still feel that I am not ready and that we are behind.I am going crazy.By the way I only have 1 boy.

  6. Our family just got a black lab puppy after a two year rest from having a dog. I have eight children ranging from 14 years down to one year. I find preparing for dinner difficult at times, with everyone under foot and now a puppy to add to the mix. Baby crawling, puppy following and toddlers wanting to "help". All a little overwhelming! Love your blog and reading other mothers coments.

  7. oh this all speaks to me! Especially the dog. I have 4 kids...15, 12, 8 and 1 and my kids have been begging for a puppy. We are scheduled to pick him up in Sept..golden retriever. I had a golden growing up and want one for the kids...what did I get myself into??

  8. You are beyond amazing!! Seriously thanks for taking the time to blog about your life!

  9. Cute post, and AMEN to the forts and Legos comments!

    I stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say HOWDY... I am also Mom to 4 girls and 5 boys! My oldest is 24, however, and my youngest is 3. I look forward to getting to know you better!

  10. Hi there! I came over from Blog Frog. I'm following you now. Oh my! I have a serious love/hate relationship with legos. They can make me crazy!
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  11. Love your post... I can relate to your top 3 love/hate relationsips. Especially the Forts and the Legos. I found your blog through blogfrog. I am a mother of 4, all of which are teenagers right now but I am the oldest of 7 kids and we are all still very tight. I love family.

  12. I found your blog through blog frog and am your newest follower! You have a beautiful family. I am just starting out, my only baby is now 1. I look forward to reading your blog and hopefully gaining some sage advice! :)

  13. I'm also stopping by from BlogFrog.
    I used to love lego and forts as a kid. I was 6/9 years older than my brothers so building forts was something I did for/with them. It was a blast and yes, we made a mess, but were entertained for hours!
    As for the dog...I don't know how my dog has any fur left on her! I could vacuum daily and fill the canister I'm sure. The dust bunnies are the stairs are just crazy. But, I put up with it because our house would be boring without her. :)

  14. You hit all three right on the head!I also have a love hate relationship with all three!Blessings,Marla

  15. Great post! I do have a helpful tip for the Legos -- one of my boys came up with this idea years ago! Spread out a flat sheet on the floor before playing wtih legos. When Lego Time is up, just pick up the four corners of the sheet and pour the legos back into the container! This is a real Live Saver!


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