Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Love is Blind~

My darling MK keeps me smiling and on my toes!  She has been so funny over the last 2 months carrying around the below doll.  Do you notice anything unusual or different about her?  Well, our beloved "Trigger" chewed her right arm off shortly after she got her for her birthday from a friend.  Well, she has not blinked an eye about it.  She carries her everywhere-church, the store, the playground, wherever!  She got a few other dolls for her birthday and they aren't chewed-up.  This was the only that got attacked, but it is her favorite.  It gets quite a reaction from people when we go out and about, especially other Moms. They think it is so funny!  Anyway, this week she came up to me as I was reading on the sofa and showed me her doll.  She said in a sad voice, "My doll looks funny, Mama."  I put down my book and said, " I know, Honey, her arm is chewed-off, but it's OK, she's still special and pretty." She replied back, "No Mama, her hair is wild.  She needs a pony tail."  I just had to laugh!  She didn't care about her amputated arm.  She was concerned about her hair!  Well, as she drove home with my husband from summer camp at our church, she was holding her beloved doll and singing "You can be anything!"  It was too cute :o)


  1. "You can be anything!" hahaha
    soooo cute
    where is the shoe post ? :)

  2. Thanks for the laugh. I love a child who has her priorities in order. :)

  3. How cute,I am a follower and I would like to invite you to stop by and visit our family blog.


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