Thursday, July 8, 2010

Naps! A Large Family Life Saver

    A rested child=a happy child! Anyone who has been around me and my children any amount of time, knows that we are big nappers .  I am a firm believer in children having a nap until they are at least 5 years old.  At that time, I switch to a rest and reading time in their room for about an hour.  This gives me at least an hour every afternoon of peace and quiet.  I have to admit, this is one of my "life savers" in a house with many children.  When people come over here to visit or hang out with one of my older kids, they are always so amazed at how quiet my house is between roughly 2 and 3pm.  My teenage niece was here visiting recently and she commented how she couldn't believe how my kids just went up to their rooms after we got back to the pool for rest or nap.  So many moms tell me how tired and stressed they are, even with just 2 children, and how they never get a break.  I try to tell them to instill nap time everyday and don't make it an option.  90% of children need to nap in the afternoon and will fall asleep.  The few that don't need to sleep when they are young, can still be trained to rest and/or play quietly in their rooms.  I think children need some quiet time everyday.  Our society can be so fast passed and so "noisy" and entertainment driven.  Some of my children have been more resistant at times or more high energy.  With those, I just lay with them or have them lay with me (this is for the under 5 year olds) and without fail they will fall asleep.  Sometimes I have to wake them if the nap starts to exceed 2 hours.  I want them to be able to go to sleep at a reasonable hour at bedtime.  I love this quiet time during the day.  I never clean, cook or do chores during that time.  I lay in my room, usually with one of my kidso, and read for about a half hour and then close my eyes for a little bit. Sometimes I fall asleep for 20 min. or so. This really helps me get through the rest of the evening without being to tired and grumpy since I wake up pretty early every morning. Some of my family members and friends make fun of my "nap" time, but I just tell them I'm being European ;o) Anyway, when I get up in the afternoon my little ones are usually still sleeping and I can have a cup of tea and check my email.  This just recharges me for the rest of the day.  Just thought I would share this little secret with y'all out there.  Happy Napping!


  1. Thank you for reminding me of this..lately we have been going going 2 year old's nap schedule has been all messed up, and I've been up too late because of it.
    I remember my mom doing the same thing as you.

  2. I knew I loved you! :) I couldn't function without our daily quiet time. It is a lifesaver for me and I'm so blessed to hear you say that you aren't "productive" during that time. I'm not either and I feel a bit guilty over that sometimes.

  3. And I was worried that naps would stop when they were one, seriously!!! Mine are only 8 months old but I NEED their sleeps during the day to recharge. I don't cook or clean either in this time because I do that when their awake.. My girls still wake up at least once during the night and my Italian father in law said " keep them up during the day".. I nearly had a heart attack. keeping 2 8 month old babies up during the day would be a nightmare for them and myself!

  4. Thank you!I have tried this before ,but never stuck to it.Number 6 on the way.Need these little bits of advice.Thanks again,Marla

  5. AMEN! Preach it sister!! :)

    My only problem is ALL of my children have outgrown nap time! My BABY is 6 -- going on 7 -- and I sure miss afternoon naptime! :)


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