Monday, August 2, 2010

Crafts for the Not So Crafty

Everyone thinks that you have to be crafty to homeschool, but really this is not true.  I am so not into crafts. I have a hard time getting my house all messy with crafts.  I do let them paint and color and try to do some kind craft a few times a month.  My kids do an art class on Fridays, so I don't feel so bad about not doing too many crafty/art projects.  Anyway, this is an easy craft that we did this week.  Don't laugh-the kids loved them and then we made one for my Mom (cause she wanted one too.)

                               We called them Sock Babies.  Here is how we made them:
Take some baby sized socks that don't have matches (don't use anything much bigger or you'll use too much rice).  Fill them up with cheap rice and tie with a rubber band.  Add googly eyes and your done.  You can also put some ribbon over the rubber band or pull top down and they look like they are wearing ski caps :o) Voila!


  1. We made a similar socks friends with my daughter but we didn't use rice we used polyester fibre,
    it looks like the girls had lots of fun making it

  2. Those are so cute & it looks like your girls had such a fun time!!! I love their sweet smiles!

  3. Those are simple enough for my daughter to make. Last weekend, I was stuffing a baby bottle with cotton balls for a game for a baby shower I was hosting. My daughter took some cotton balls and stuffed a goody bag sack that she got from a party the day before. She asked if I could tie the top of it. She drew a face on it and said it is her new teddy bear. She is pretty creative!

  4. Those did make me laugh! But not for long, 'cause I know my kids would loooove them, too!

  5. Such a cute and easy idea. I think I might try this with my two year old daughter.

  6. Those are very cute. I'm not crafty at all. My children wish I were but, sorry!! This is something we could do...according to the ones looking over my shoulder right now the your girls holding their dolls.

    You have a beautiful family. What great blessings.


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