Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Sunflower Picture

It seems like a lot of the "mommy" blogs that I have visited this past week have a sunflower picture.  So here is mine!  It's showing off my large table in our breakfast room.  We actually get a lot of comments on this table.  Like, how many people can you fit around it?  And, where did you get it?  Well, we got it on sale through the Pottery Barn website.  It has 2 leafs which we keep in all the time.  It comfortably fits 10 but we have been known to fit 14 around it!  So, if you need a large table and don't want to pay to have one custom made, check out the PB website.  And because we didn't pay a ton of money for it, I'm not too paranoid of dents, scratches and the occasional crafty mess on it.  Happy Sunflower Day!


  1. I had a sunflower pic today, too :) I like yours.

  2. LOL. I had a sunflower picture post a few days ago. I LOVE your table. Mine only sits 8 but we cram a LOT more around it. I LOVE PB too. Gotta check them out....
    Have a great day =)

  3. Oh I would LOVE to get your opinion/advice n my latest post.... drugs or no drugs ...

  4. Thanks for the advice on my blog post. It was VERY encouraging. I appreciate the honesty !!! Will be buying bradley books very soon!!!!

  5. Love your new Family Pic. Family sitting around a kitchen table is such a blessing. I bet it gets crazy and loud and there is probalby a huge mess afterwards but your kids will always have that in their memories. That's what I grew up with and I loved it.

  6. we were just out today looking for a bigger table. i'd love one that would comfortable seat 16! i'll build the room around it. i love eating all together and our [still growing] family of 7 loves to have guest over.

    [this is my 1st time here...nice to meet you!] =)

  7. Hi Mama of Nine!

    I'm a momma of nine, too! But I go by Mommy Nine Times.

    Your family is beautiful! I found your blog via Pink Slippers. I love meeting other "large" families! I look forward to getting to you know better :)

    Katrina in CA

  8. Hi. I found your blog today after reading your comment on GapGirl. I was interested in learning more about you and your family. I am a homeschooling mom too. You have a beautiful family and I enjoyed looking around.


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