Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Super Mom Myth

OK, I just want to say upfront that I am no "Super Mom."  And really, is there any woman who is?  Sometimes I feel like people think you have to have some "special ability" or "special powers" to have a house full of kids and still maintain some sort of sanity.  Really, it's what we were created by God to do and though it's hard, it's far from impossible!  So, do any of you other "moms of many" get the Super Mom comment?  I'm just a very regular woman and actually I'm not the most patient person in the world (ask any of my family members :o) I do like to organize but I wouldn't say I'm super organized.  Anyway, I like what Barbara Curtis (mother to 12 children, 3 by adoption) has to say about it in her book, "Lord Meet Me in the Laundry Room."  She says, "Anyone can do what I do.  It doesn't take a special person.  The only thing going for me is this: I learned to listen to the still small voice. I learned to trust it over conventional wisdom and the advice of others.  And I learned to say yes."


  1. You're not?!? Now I'm disappointed. :)

    I love that quote. Strangely, I never get the superwoman comments...I think people take one look at us and know better than that! LOL!

  2. No matter how transparent I am with the women at our church and reveal my weaknesses I still get the comments and remarks that they think I am this super women who never has difficult days. So not true.

  3. I get the comments too- & we only have 5! :)
    In fact, I just wrote a post on our blog last night that mentioned the same thing.
    Hope you have a great day "Super-Mom" or not!

  4. I get the Super Mom comment often. I also get the "you must be patient" and the "you must be organized" comments.

    Those are such myths about those of us with large families. Not all of us are like that.

    First of all...patience is something I strive for every. single. day. I fail quite often.

    Second, I am not a naturally organized person. I never have been. Even as a child and teenager my room was always a mess. I am more patient than I am organized.

    Having many children doesn't automatically make us more "super" than other moms. When people ask me "How do you do it?" I always say, "Well...I didn't get all NINE at one time. I had time to adjust, one child at a time!"

  5. Oh how true that quote is. I only have 4 but I have been through a tough marriage and I work full time but through it all, by listening to the still small voice of the Lord is where you find the blessing.

  6. I get the same comments.Well said,beautiful!Blessings Marla Grace

  7. I also get the "super mom" comment. It never fails to make me feel uncomfortable. Inevitably, I start thinking of why I'm not a super mom - the laundry isn't done, I yelled at the kids, I didn't get that thank-you card sent yet, etc.
    None of us are perfect. It's true we do MORE than most moms, because we have more to do!
    We all strive to do what's best for our family and put them as a our top priority. I think that makes us Super Moms!

  8. What a BEAUTIFUL family you have!!

    And yes, it is truly by God's amazing GRACE we all have been given the ability to be mothers.

    I always hear, "oh no, the mother of 5 sons", how did you survive? I also have a special needs child, and he is a brain tumor suvivor on top of that.

    In my weakness He is made strong.


  9. Gosh, I just went on your profile, and it is AMAZING how alike we are- are you sure we aren't twins separated at birth?? lol:)Seriously though- Christians, ten kids, homeschooling, scrapbooking, down syndrome, classical music, soundtracks, JACK JOHNSON!!! I wish we lived closer!!

  10. I hate it when people say, I'm not patient enough to have a large family. My response . . . . You know how I got the patience I have? one child at a time! The Bible says that patience is developed through life's challenges and trials!!! We are not born with it!


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