Monday, September 13, 2010

My Precious Ellie Daisy (#7) Turns 6!

Here she is the day before her birthday at Home Depot with her daddy picking out floweres to plant!  She is such a sweet heart and I am so blessed to have her.  She is a cuddle bunny and so helpful to me.  She is one of my quieter children and loves do school and read already.  The other day we found her older sister's camera with some strange pictures on it.  She had taken the camera and done her own photo shoot.  It is rather funny and creative so I thought I would share it : )
The Ukulele
The teddy bear wearing Anna's glasses.
Taking a picture of herself in the bathroom mirror.
Serious picture of herself wearing her older sister's glasses!

Happy picture of self in the glasses!
Is this just too funny?!


  1. Happy Birthday, sweet girl! She reminds me so much of my girls that will turn 6 next month! :)

  2. I posted something exactly like this about my Abigail! I found tons of pictures on my camera that I knew I hadn't taken, only to find out it was Abbi who had "posed" her ceramic dog for the pictures:) Happy birthday to your darling daughter!

  3. I was checking out your blog, I found from the ClarksMotorSports and I am impressed. You have a great looking family and I do'nt think I will give my wife a hard time anymore about homeschooling. The more I see, the more I know how tough it is.

  4. Happy birthday,to your beautiful daughter.She is too funny.Sweet!Blessings,Marla Grace


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