Saturday, October 2, 2010

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year........Football Season and Pumpkins

This is by far my favorite time of year!  I love the cooler temperatures and the leaves starting to change colors.  It's so beautiful in NC this time of year!  But I also just love pumpkins and football.  

First of all..........pumpkins. Are they just not the coolest vegetable?  They just show God's beauty and creativity.  We live less than a mile from a small farm that grows pumpkins. We watch them grow in the field, first starting with their big vines and then the yellow flowers that turn into the pumpkins.  I love getting my pumpkins from them because we have watched them grow and they are kind of "imperfect."  Maybe you can tell from the pictures but they are not quite the pretty, perfect pumpkins that you find in the grocery store, but I just love that they have that "straight from the farm" look.  I love to cook with my pumpkins too.  We already made pumpkin bread a few times this season and I love pumpkin pie and just about anything pumpkin flavored.  I tried my first pumpkin latte the other day and it was great!  I grew up in a football family and was raised an LSU Tiger fan.  We never missed a game.  I'm so glad my 2 older sons have played high school football and my younger boys have played flag football and plan on playing tackle in high school as well.  There is nothing like the sound, smell and feel of a football game.  And the best part is when your son has the ball and you are cheering with all your might!  It reminds me of how God, the angels and saints gone before us cheer for us.  It just brings tears to my eyes thinking about it.  Even if my son only gets a few yards, I am so very proud of him.  We always get so sad at the last football game of the season, especially that senior year.  Oh, I can't even think about that now! 

Well, enjoy fall!  I'm so glad God made seasons!


  1. I love the fall too. I am making pumpkin chocolate chip cookies tonight- one of my favorite recipes along with pumpkin spice lattes made in the crockpot.

  2. Love this time of year also!Love the pictures!Blessings to you,and your family,Marla

  3. Fall is my favorite season too . . . and yes, I love football games! I miss my boys playing football!!


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