Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My House is One Big Hotspot!

Does anyone else ever feel like this?  You know what a "hotspot" is, right?  It's like a little pile of "stuff" that shouldn't be there in the first place and just keeps growing and growing with other random "stuff."  I don't know who first named these little spots or discovered that they really do exist but I promise you, they do!  You can do an experiment and place a few things on your desk or counter top and watch it grow, practically over night!  If anyone thinks that these things really don't exist then you should come over to my house.  Here are a few of my "hot-spots" just to prove it.

 Laundry/mudroom hotspot~  I have a shelf in there for separate items, but notice that there are hats, ballet shoes, baby dolls, baby clothes and belts are thrown together.  It is a catch-all spot!

The  back stairway hotspot~ This is where we place things that need to go upstairs and it inevitably becomes a hotspot real quick. This is actually a small hotspot at the moment, just a big book, a big tutu, a shoe box, a lovey blankie and a bear.  But itt is NEVER empty!

The toy box hotspot~  Why does everything, plus toys, end up in the toy box?  When I ask the kids to clean up the living room, they just throw practically everything in, thinking that I won't notice :o) So, books, socks, shoes, dress-up clothes, homework, magazines, etc. get thrown in. Most of the time I can't shut it, which makes it quite an eye-sore.

MK's hotspot~ Yes, they start early, especially girls.  She is only 4 years old but her hotspot by her bed is probably the worst of any of my children.  Notice pull-ups, a tutu, glue, a bag from the dentist, etc.  I guess I need to start train her in decluttering now or I hate to see her house when she is married with children :o)

All the decluttering I planned to do this summer, did not quite get done due to the morning sickness.  I guess that is why I feel like the clutter and hotspots are taking over!  Really, this is just a few of them.  The others are rather embarrassing.  Anyone have any great decluttering ideas? :o)


  1. I LOVE YOUR HOUSE!! Seriously, that looks like my dream house.

    I borrowed a decluttering idea from the Duggars..5 minute clean-ups. At any given time during the day if I start to feel overwhelmed (by hot spots!) I set the timer and yell 5 miunte clean-up! All of my kids run around seeing how much they can clean up and if needed, I assign one of them a hot spot. Works for us!

  2. We are doing a decluttering challenge this week over at Courtney's blog-womenlivingwell-courtney.blogspot.com
    I am sure there will be some great ideas over there.

  3. I agree with Patti, we do the Duggar 5 min clean up alot around here. But for the bigger things that need your attention about actually throwing out, I have a new favorite website. www.flylady.net It's fabulous!!! She breaks it down into days upon weeks upon months, so it's not so overwhelming!!! Good luck!!

  4. My whole house is a giant hotspot, too.

    Many hands make light work - many bodies make tons of clutter.

  5. Hi Becca.You have a beautiful home! Yes, I have some hot spots also. I have been decluttering also. Worked on it a little through summer. Preganancy def. slowed the process.I have been taking one spot at a time.My worst spot right now, the laundry room. Less is more! We have been ridding ourselves of stuff. Still have more to do.My time is almost up. Baby due in December.We too have started the pick up times ,throughout the day. This works great. I have always been a all or nothing person. Now I take little pieces of time. Ithas been working great. The stairs in our home also. Yep, big hotspot. Hope you are feeling well. Blessings,Marla Grace

  6. I enjoy reading your blog...I would like to send you a invite to mine, its private, I don't see any contact info on your blog...Would love to send you a invite...tuffordtribe.blogspot.com
    Blessings, Heidi

  7. hope this post wasn't inspired by your visit to my apartment! hahahaha

    love all of you lots!!

  8. Oh...your house is absolutely gorgeous!

    I used to have hot spots all over our house! Ugh, such an eyesore! I've cut down on them, though....by this one tip: place something "pretty" in that spot and you are less likely to clutter it up. So in a few of our hot spots, after decluttering and cleaning the spot, I placed framed photos with a few candles, which I light during the day. I tend not to place "clutter" on a pretty area in my home. This has worked for me. Now I only have two "hot spots" left -- one in counter in the kitchen and another on my formal white dining tabl :)

  9. What a Beautiful home!!!

    And we all have those hot spots! :)

  10. Beautidul house!!! I was thinking the other day abour fly lady and her hot spots and thought to myself...my house is one giant hot spot. I guess thats how it is with so many bodies leaving clutter wherever it lands:)


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