Friday, January 21, 2011

Quiet Please, It's Quiet Time!

My sweetheart sleeping in....

Lately I feel like I'm yelling the above title more during my morning devotions than I should be.  I wake-up between 6 and 6:30 every morning depending on if I'm walking or not, but I do that specifically so I can have some time to pray and read my Bible before the house gets too loud and crazy.

 I've trained my kids that this is quiet time.  So there is no loud talking, running around the house, TV, loud music or loud playing during this time.  Most of the time they behave themselves pretty well. I've been doing this since they were babies, so they know the routine. We make the below drinks for them....warmed milk with just a drop of coffee.  (Yes, my Norwegian husband started them on this and says everyone in Norway does it, even though he has never lived in Norway : )

So my kidos sit with their warm drink, a Bible or Bible book and cuddle next to me.  But sometimes, if I sleep a little late or they wake-up a little early, things get a little louder then I want them to.  I need my time quiet and preferably alone to start my day.  I have to have that time with the Lord or I just feel like my day doesn't go right.  Even if it's only 15 min!  Lately it's been 30 min. and that's OK too but I just want to encourage y'all to not neglect your time with God everyday and it is possible to do it with a house of small children.
Below, under my chidren's Bibles, is my favorite quiet time mommy devotional.  It's by Nancy Campbell of Above Rubies.  I love all her things, but I have gone through this devotional probably 5 times over the last 10 years.  I love it!  It's called "The Power of Motherhood."  You can buy it off her Above Rubies website (amazon has it, but it's much more expensive.)  You will be encouraged as a mother and challenged as well.  It's just full of scripture.  I highly recommend it!


  1. Thanks for posting this. I was just thinking today how I let my devotional time slip . With new baby, up nights. I tend to sleep in later. My whole house shows it. My day is all out of wack. I need to get back to it. You posted this at the perfect time. My house looks like a bomb went off. I need a schedule again, starting with devotions.Thanks:)Yes, I can do this......

  2. I LOVE the Power of Motherhood by Nancy Campbell. That book changed my entire outlook on mothering. I highly recommend it! I just received her Above Rubies magazine last week. There is a new devotional book mentioned. It looks wonderful too. I am praying for you and your family.

    Blessings, Michelle from Canada

  3. Thank you for this encouragement! I love Above Rubies! I will have to get this particular devotion. And I think it is awesome that you are encouraging us to spend time alone with the Lord first every morning. There is something special about giving Him our first fruits.

  4. i have the same devotional too. i started it and was really encouraged. i love everything from her. wendy

  5. I need to start my days like this....

  6. Ok- so buying that devotional. My reading is lackluster and not well. Funny, I am reading this as I was just praying today for a refilling and to have more discipline where my reading and praying is concerned.
    My husband is laughing about the warm milk with the coffee in it. We have a last name ending in -sen as well.

  7. I am Norwegian, I have lived there and me and my children start our day off with coffee and milk. Where mine is closer to black, like they usually have it and very strong, the children who have been drinking it for years and are 7 and 5 drink it half coffee and half milk. Norwegians love their coffee and have been raising strong health kids for years. It is nice to have traditions with your kids especially ones that have family traditions.

  8. What a good wintness. Thank you for sharing. I found your blog while searching for more info on this book. I started studying it and I love it too. What a great family! Blessings from Moscow, Russia!


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