Monday, January 17, 2011

Duggar Comparisons

Notice our clothes are not very "Duggarish" : )

I love the Duggars, especially now that I am finally getting around to reading their book.  I must admit though, that initially I had a hard time with them having all their kids on TV and I didn't like all the people making fun of them.  But I guess I've gotten kind of used to reality TV and it so nice to see a happy, Christian, functional family on a major station!

Anyway, as you can tell from the above picture, we basically have half the children that the Duggars have and yet, we get so many comments comparing us to them.  Yes, I am a Christian mother with a large family and we do homeschool (at least until high-school and then my older ones have gone to a private Christian school.)  But I know that I am no Michelle Duggar.  I do inspire to talk more like her though.  She has such a gentle and quite spirit and reading her book is really inspiring me to be more soft spoken and well "sweet."  Does anyone else feel this way?  Just talking in her Arkansas, high voice to my kidos, especially when they are acting up, makes them stop and listen and many times laugh.  

I really don't like though when people, especially strangers, say "Oh, you're just like the Duggars!" Do y'all with large families out there in blog land get these same comments? I've been wanting to do a "Duggar comparison" post for here goes:

1.  We have half as many children, but I've only had 3 less pregnancies than Michelle.

2.  Her and Jim Bob are a "little" older than me and my husband.

3.  They have 4 sets of front loader washer and driers.  We have one set ( I told my husband that this means we should technically have another set : )  Actually, we get along just fine with one set. They must do a lot more laundry than us.  Her books says they do 40 loads a week and we do 10 with only half as many people.  Maybe they wash towels and sheets all the time, I'm not sure.

4.  They go through the same amount of milk that we do a week, which is 7-8 gallons.......hard to believe!

5.  They go through 16 boxes of cereal a week and we go through about 3. 

6.  Their grocery bill each month is exactly double what ours is, so we are pretty much on the same track.

7.  All their kids take violin.  All of mine take piano.

8.  My kids do organized sports, the Duggars do not.

9.  They homeschool all the way through and it seems like they are not into college.  I'm hoping all my kids do go to college, but I won't force the issue.  I want them to follow the call God has on their lives.

10.  We live in suburbia, not out in the country and my kids are allowed to play with other children.  We do limit TV, though I'm sure we're not as strict as they are.

Well, that's about it.  This post is pretty random but it's actually been on my mind for a while. Hopefully one day I'll get to meet Michelle!

My Mom with all my kids on Christmas Day.  She is always so happy and positive when we announce a new little one is on the way.  I'm so blessed to have her!


  1. Cute post. I too have people make comments about our family in comparison to the Duggars and we only have 9 children too. No comparison here but I think the Duggars are just THE family people think of when they see a large family. I haven't read their book but I would probably like it. :)

  2. I love the Duggars! It was fun to read your comparisons. :)

  3. OH gosh I get compared to them all the time! We are homeschooling Christians...That's about as far as our similarities go. I'm on my 5th pregnancy but the Duggar comparisons started before this- I think anytime you have more that 2 children and/or homeschool, you get that comparison bc for a lot of people, that might be all they know to compare you to! I take it as a compliment =)

  4. I loved reading this!! We only have 5 kids (& one on the way), but we get compared to the Duggar's all the time. I still haven't watched an episode or read the books... maybe I should- I'm sure I could use Michelle's "sweet voice" at times too. :) Have a great day!

  5. I love the Duggars too! I really like your comparisons, very cute! When I tell people I want a large family I always hear "Oh just like the Duggars." Ha I don't think I will get to 19 like them though...

  6. We get compared to them on a daily basis. I've even had people call me Michelle instead of Shawnee. Thanks for your comparison list. We watch tv as well. I keep getting asked if I want 22. I'm like no I'm good with 9 but open to what God gives me.

  7. I love your Mom. Just seeing her brings tears to my eyes. You are so blessed to have such a precious Mom. I'm sure you are such a blessing to her too.

    Like I've said before -- I can't imagine your life since we only have one precious girl. God has given you what you need and you do it well.


  8. I have 4 kiddos and plan on more and we get compared to them. "Oh your gonna be like the Duggars, how many are you gonna have anyways!" They never compare us in a positive way even though that is how I see her and her family. At least I am not compared to Jon and Kate. I see her and her family as a great testament it can be done. I would love a large family but affording it is tough. I understand the milk and cereal thing our grocery bill is something we have struggled with for years and now are getting a hold on it. Only because the two school age kids private school tuition is more than any other bill we have and we got to make it work. How do you guys pay for some in private school when you have a large family too? If you don't mind. That is our newest struggle, my school aged ones are in K and 1st. I have never read her book but maybe I will give it a try too. God has very much blessed there family.

  9. Your mom is beautiful! So is your family. What handsome sons!
    We are compared to the Duggars often, and we only have 5! I guess that's the first thing people think of when they see a large family.

  10. I think that they go through less milk because she uses a lot of canned milk in their cooking.

  11. I love the Duggers! I love Michelle's sweet spirit too. She shines the Lord. And I love how your mom is so happy for your babies. My mom really has a hard time with every baby I have. What a blessing to have encouragement!

  12. We do too and we only just had our 7th 3 weeks ago. I adore Michelle but I'm very little like her (unfortunately).

  13. I have not read her book, it use to anger me when people would say negative things. A few weeks ago a lady and I were talking and I mentioned I had never used birth control. She asked in a negative way if I believed like the duggars. It kind of hurt my feelings. It is weird to her because we only have four babies. I pray we are blessed with more but it has been five years

  14. We get compared to them too, which I always find odd.

    I too want to speak gently like she does ;)

  15. Michelle is an awesome person! so sweet and sincere! I have met her in person and talked to her on the phone a few times -- that was before she was a "celebrity!" :)

    For many people the only large families they know of are the Duggars and Jon and Kate plus Eight. FOrtunately, the Duggars are NOTHING like Jon and Kate! Ever noticed what a smart mouth Kate has and how she was always tearing down her husband? you would never find Michelle doing that! She is always supportive and respectful of her husband -- even if she doesn't agree with him on somthing.

    anyway, cute blog post!!

    You are blessed to have such a supportive mom!


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