Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Getting Ready for Baby

OK, with only 2 weeks to go I have gotten all the baby stuff out, washed it, done a bit of baby shopping, set up the "bassinet", half way packed my suitcase and now we are just waiting : )
I always keep the baby in the room with me until anywhere from 2 months old to 1 year old (this has all depended on the baby and our room situation.)  For some reason I felt like I was supposed to move my first two into their own room by 2 months, but that was way back in the early 90's and now I find it's so much easier just to have them with me since I tend to end-up with them in bed with me anyway : )
I love getting out the baby clothes and it is nice to know which bag, boy or girl, to retrieve all the newborn things.
These are the usual baby things that I like to have ready before the big delivery day:

5-7 receiving blanket for swaddling
5 gowns (I love these even for boys.  They make changing in the night so easy and I think they make the baby feel so secure)
5-7 onesies
white undershirts
lots of baby socks
a snuggly sleeper to sleep in
3-5 hats
diapers (I've never done cloth..sorry : )
alcohol wipes
baby wipes
boppy pillow (I didn't have one of these until #8, so it's not really a necessity, but nice to have)

Since the baby is in our room with us, I set up an area for all their stuff.  I'm not big on changing tables.  I haven't had one since #2, but I do make a little area for everything.  I don't like to invest in major furniture because I know this is temporary, but use something we already have.  I also like to keep it all nearby my bed.

After #9, I had given a bunch of things away, so last night I went to a huge consignment sale and got some things I needed.  Also, our infant car seat has been around since baby #5 so I really need a new one, right? ; )


  1. What an exciting time!!

    I know you are not looking for advice here and I hope this doesn't sound like a know-it-all. You certainly are more experience than me. Just a couple of things I have done and noticed with my last two babies.

    I have a portable play pen that has a changing table hooked on one end in my bedroom. I have had it for the last two babies and it has been nice. Before the babies were big enough to get in the playpen part I used it to keep their gowns, diapers, wipes... They even slept in the changing table for the first couple of months. It is still set up for naps and a safe place for them to play when I am in the shower. And the changing table has a separate organizing tray for diapers, wipes, socks...and is big enough that I still use it to change Peyton my almost 2 year old.

    As far as the car seat goes...the car seat I have had for my last two babies is so heavy. Much heavier than the one I had many years ago. I would have loved to have my old one on those days I carried a baby somewhere in their infant car seat. I didn't do that much but when I did it was so heavy. Just something to consider when picking out a new one. :) The new one has a base and that part is nice so it may just be a trade off.

    So excited for you and your family. You have such a beautiful family!!

  2. Ohhh, what fun to read of all your preparations for the newest babe to join your family! Thank you for sharing with us! Am looking forward to pics when the debut happens!! Praying for you as you enter the . . . "labor zone"!!

  3. Oh I love nesting time :)
    They've got some great new car seats and they're not as expensive as I remember them being with my older kids!!
    I always LOVE the baby gowns. They are a MUST have on our baby prep list :)
    I always say to every mom (even myself when I get down to the last days) rub that belly... You'll miss it when it's gone....and get as much sleep as you can while you can :)
    I know you know...but just a loving reminder ;)

  4. Reading this is giving me the baby bug again!!

  5. Kelly, yes I use a portable playpen that I can put up high and make into a bassinet. I've used this one since baby #4, which is hard to believe. I've seen the ones with the changing table attachment. I love that! I wonder if I can just buy the attachment, cause my husband would never agree to me buying a new one since the one I have still works : )
    Thanks for all the great advice!

  6. Such a special time . . . getting ready for baby to arrive! sounds like we are very like-minded in our approach to bringing baby into our lives, and bringing them into to our bed for those wonderful nighttime nursings!! Wow -- amazing how much I miss those days!!!!! SAVOR the moments!


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