Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Our Normal

Hugs are very normal around here : )
You know, I think it's better just to think of extra trials or extra drama or extra silly problems as just "normal."  This way I don't get too upset or stressed.  Our lives are so very full of wonderful things and normally we really are pretty quiet and somewhat boring around here, but at other times "when it rains, it pours!"   Thankfully, God gives us grace and we make it through.

Anyway, our normal for the past week included:
1. moving my mom to a new apartment, complete with extended family in town and tears because we were moving her from where my father had passed away
2. in the midst of this our dryer broke
3. then the dishwasher stopped working correctly
4.  my husband had to go out of town for work for 3 days and nights (which rarely happens)  
5. we found out the my littlest guy will have to have surgery for an abdominal hernia, preferably soon, which means before the baby is born.

All this and I'm in the last month of pregnancy and starting to feel it.  I really want to have a peaceful last month and get things ready for the baby.  I'm starting to "nest" which means I really want to organize and declutter around the house.  But, I've learned not to count on quiet too much as our normal and just enjoy each day as it comes.  I just need to look at the good in each day and keep my heart quiet and at peace-easier said than done : )

When life gets crazy, make cracker toffee!


  1. You look great for being in your last month! Here's hoping for a safe delivery :)

  2. That is such a great way to look at life! I am so sorry for the frustrations this week, I will be praying for your little one. I hope you are able to have a peaceful last month of your pregnancy!

  3. Wew, what a week. Great way to look at things. Hope surgery goes well for little guy!
    My Nana used to make that. I never knew the name or how to make it. Maybe you can post it or send me an email?
    Blessings, you still look amazing!

  4. You look gorgeous! Praying for a safe surgery for your sweet little man, quick fixes for the appliances, and joyful celebration of your last weeks of pregnancy!

  5. Ohhh! We love Cracker Toffee! Sooo yummy! :)


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